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S14 - Race 2 - Estoril

Florian Koetz

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Penalties have been posted in post 3 of this thread


@Johan Cuadrado Sanchez please change your ingame name to your full name to avoid confusion in the future.

@Nick Lawrence I don't know if you tried to fool me during the code 80. You had slowed down to 80 in BOTH code 80s and then you accelerated and closed the gap to cars in front.
I hope for you that it was a brain fart and not the attempt to fool me. I do not take it lightly when people play these kind of games with me.
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Mathias Christensen

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hmm, well.
can't say that I did not expect it, caught myself driving over the white line at the pit exit right when I did it,
really did not think about it since there was no traffic close to me.

I excuse this, I'm not used to having this rule in other leagues I've played in. only my self to blame.

Matej Lakota

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Mathias, academy is here to learn such things before you enter "big" SR.C leagues and first important step is to be aware your own mistakes :).