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Season 29 - License Announcements

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Carlos Santos

SRCA director
VEC Season Pass
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Sim Racing.Club Academy Season License Results


We have been forced to increase the penalties for any incidents you have on track during a SRCA race and therefore decrease the chance of the receiving a license 4. This is to sustain the highest possible driving standards across all SRC events.
Also because multiple drivers from VEC have been stripped of their license and will have to complete the SRCA again.

These results are final and effective immediately. If you feel you have been placed wrongly please feel free to prove us wrong by racing the best you can, these strict rules are for the benefit of all the drivers. It is a learning program, please just treat it as such. Some rules you may not be used to, however for multiclass racing they could be seen as very important (One example being pit lane blend lines). As you know in the rules you must race in both races to even have a chance of getting a license.

Ignore the list below if you already have a License 4.

As you are all aware you currently have License 5, this only allows you to compete in SRCA, therefore please do not apply to look for a drive in another series until you have at least license 4 (this exclude SRC special events)

All drivers who the admins think deserve a License 4 from this Season of the SRCA are:

@Alain Setola
@Alejandro Bautista
@Alfie Lawrenson
@Antonello Lapadula
@Brandon Warren
@Carlos Martinez
@Carlos Pons
@Gabriel Caride
@Hans Dahlgren
@Lassi Hintsala
@Marcello Tocco
@Martin Fiala
@Michael Hopkins
@Mikka Persson
@Osemi Fortunato
@Raymond Duggan
@Turkka Hakkinen
@Vasilis Katerinakis

The drivers listed above are able to apply for a drive in a team (or a team would be able to show interest in them) for the following series:

  • VEC Division 1
  • VEC Division 2
  • VEC Division 3
  • VEC Division 4
  • VLMS
- SRC Special Events

If you are not on the list above you have not received a License 4 this season.
If you are License 4 now however are unable to find a team you can compete in SRCA once again.

Good luck to all the drivers who recieved a License 4 remember you may have to
message teams yourself to find out who is full or who may be interested.

David Martinez

VEC Season Pass
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Hi guys, I am not aware of what actions I have done wrong. As I like to improve, could you tell me what I did wrong, to keep improving? Thank you very much for your work and I hope to be in S30 trying again to get my license 4

Javier Mtnz Iniesta

VEC Season Pass
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I know why I am not getting the license (cutting the pit lane blend in the entry) and it is fair. No problem with that.

In the other hand I can see some drivers with crashing penalties and even warnings becouse of agressive driving getting the license...
What does it mean? Is it more important to touch a line than to crash another car...? Is it perfectly allowed to ruin other drivers races but it is not permited to cross a line that does not make any impact in safety or race results?

It is said that SRCA has increased penalties for any incident in track but I can only see it on light incidents that do not have an impact in other drivers or final results.

I know I have to improve my level but I also know that SRCA is giving licenses to danger drivers that do not respect rules nor rivals.

Just have a look to this situation, it will be better for all of us.

Anyway I will keep trying to get a license in the cleanest way and I thank the stewards for the job.

See you on track.
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