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Forming a team out of season 15 contenders.

Rik Temmink

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I was wondering if 2 or 3 of the top contenders in SRCA season 15 want to start a team together and race the remaining races in the VEC season.
It probably will be kinda hard to find a team before the start of next season, so this would probably be the quickest way to find a ride.

And can the admins give me/us some quick tips on how to setup a team, wich cars we can and can't take, if we can partake in the suzuka race, if we can form a team at all, etc.
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Dennis Lind

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Your best bet would be joining a team.
AFAIK all spots are taken at the moment.
- A good start would be getting the URD license an all basic requirement before asking any favors.