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Few questions about SRC Academy Season 24

Alejandro Lopez Arjona

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Hello, when I look into the official threads of Round 1 and Round 2, I can see there are posted summaries, people talking... like if it was already raced.

But... the sign up thread said this:

14.11. - Indy
21.11. - Nola

That means, 14 November + 21 November.

About the time, I read people saying it is CEST. My question is: Is it CEST or is it CET?

If it is CET, then I need to inform you that I won't be able to join the server before 20:25 (more or less, more less than more) because I have English class Mondays + Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:00 CET.

If it is CEST, then I won't have any problems as it is 1 hour later

Florian Koetz

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It's CET
It was CEST last season because in the meantime the active timezone in central Europe was changed back to CET from daylight saving.

It's no problem if you join later.

Generally it's best if you join before 20:30 so you can still listen to the briefing.
But as long as you join before the server switches to race you can drive.

Daniel Brewer

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Just to let you know i may have a similar issue with joining the server in time. I will likely have work which finishes UK time 6pm and I have to commute an hour home which gets me back for 7pm (8pm CET). It should be fine but the trains in the City of London are incredibly unreliable so I thought I'd just put an initial worry out there!