Welcome to SimRacing.Club
We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using S397´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which is the official rFactor 2 endurance championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
VEC´s feeder series Virtual Le Mans Series and several special events - Plenty of racing. Register today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll just need to introduce yourself and then you can start off in our Academy series


  1. M

    How to get Src license

    Hey guys, Vlms looks like a really cool series, I would love to enter sometimes but there's one thing I don't quite understand. At the sign up from season 3, it says that you need a 'Src license 4''. But I can't find where you get a Src license, so where do you get it?
  2. Matej Lakota

    Introduction to SimRacing.Club Academy

    Sim Racing Club Academy (hereafter SRCA) is a first step to the world of Virtual LeMans Series and Virtual Endurance Championship. Mod: ISI Nissan 370Z and ISI Nissan GT-R Game: Obviously this is rFactor 2 - and we will use latest build as much as possible, unless any critical issues in a...