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Welcome to SimRacing.Club
We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using S397´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which is the official rFactor 2 endurance championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
VEC´s feeder series Virtual Le Mans Series and several special events - Plenty of racing. Register today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll just need to introduce yourself and then you can start off in our Academy series

Introduction to SimRacing.Club Academy [Outdated]

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Matej Lakota

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Sim Racing Club Academy (hereafter SRCA) is a first step to the world of Virtual LeMans Series and Virtual Endurance Championship.

ISI Nissan 370Z and ISI Nissan GT-R

Obviously this is rFactor 2 - and we will use latest build as much as possible, unless any critical issues in a build. Using Steam is mandetory, as our files are being shared through the workshop.

Max Racers:
One sign ups can account for 1 season or for 2 seasons. 40 drivers will be allowed for one single season. If the sign up is for one season it will allow 40 drivers +5 reserves.
If the sign up is for 2 seasons it will allow 90 drivers, 40 per season and 10 drivers will be on the reserve list for both seasons (detailed procedure explanation in SRCA rules) .

Additional sign ups will be deleted without exception. Whether the sign up is for one season or two seasons will be visible in the sign up post.

Before someone attempts to sign up another driver he needs to inform the SRCA administration about his intent, otherwise the sign up will be removed.

Start – Rolling start
Damage – 100%
Auto clutch – Allowed
TC – Low/Medium
ABS – Not allowed

Evening Schedule:
19:05 - Open practice
19:55 - All cars must be on the server, all racers connected to TeamSpeak (everyone alone in his own channel) - and stay there
20:34 - Whisper test
20:35 - 20:50 - Qualifying
20:50 - 20:55 - 5 min break/warmup
20:56 - Final whisper test (optional)
20:57 - Start of formation lap (on pitlimiter - single file, no overlap)
21:00 - Green flag at the red line marked on the track map

Upcoming Seasons:

Go to the main page > SRCA > schedule

Entry fee:

1. - 100 pt
2. - 90 pt
3. - 82 pt
4. - 75 pt
5. - 69 pt
6. - 64 pt
7. - 59 pt
8. - 55 pt
9. - 51 pt
10. - 48 pt
11. - 45 pt
12. - 42 pt
13. - 39 pt
14. - 36 pt
15. - 33 pt
16. - 30 pt
17. - 27 pt
18. - 24 pt
19. - 22 pt
20. - 20 pt
21. - 18 pt
22. - 16 pt
23. - 14 pt
23. - 12 pt
24. - 11 pt
25. - 10 pt
26. - 9 pt
27. - 8 pt
28. - 7 pt
29. - 6 pt
30. - 5 pt
31. - 4 pt
32. - 3 pt
33. - 2 pt
34. - 1 pt
35. - 0 pt
36. - 0 pt
37. - 0 pt
38. - 0 pt
39. - 0 pt
40. - 0 pt

SRCA is the first step on the SRC ladder where we want newcomers to demonstrate maturity befitting endurance racing.
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Matej Lakota

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We would like to introduce another option for anyone who will earn licence 4, but doesn˙t get a seat in some of VLMS or VEC cars, which has been an option from the beginning but maybe we haven˙t announced it loud enough.

Everybody with licence 4 can join seasons of SRCA league how many times he wants.

Matej Lakota

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Do not forget, if you have a feeling someone didn´t drive by the rules and his behaviour directly affected you, you can make a incident review request, but read (again) how to do it.

Drivers are encouraged to submit an Incident Review Request. Stewards will not review the complete race.

15.5.1 Drivers should carefully review the race replay before submitting an IRR.
15.5.2 Drivers must submit the following information: Drivers involved and time of incident (note: time of the incident is listed in rFactor's replay).
15.5.3 Drivers abusing the IRR process may be subject to penalty.
15.5.4 The driver, submitting the IRR, must be the one who is involved in the incident which is reported. Failure to follow these instructions will lead to stewards removing drivers right to submit
any IRR for any given time.

15.6 Submit IRR by filling out the IRR form, which is located in "Drivers" tab on the forum.

15.7 All decisions made by the Stewards are final. Drivers are allowed to notify the Stewards if a decision violates one of SRCA´s rules.

Matej Lakota

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I´d like to remind everyone that we are an international league. We dont use spanish, danish, german, swedish, polish, shona - whatever language you use.
This means we dont want to see any other language being used on the forum or race server. We had an episode in S7 where there were some very racist comments made in some users native tounge. I do not want this to repeat itself.
I´ve warned a few people here, it dosent looks like its helping. So im clearing chat on all servers. I´d like for us to be as open about this as possible - i really dont want to annoy other users when they are racing with random gossip from foreign teams that dont read or write english. So stop this - or i will. If you dont want to or cant speak english - then use teamspeak.

@Managers - i´d suggest you talk to your drivers, so they are aware - this could potentially hurt your own team.

Matej Lakota

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Rules updated.

Rule 4.4.6. added.

Under point 15 complete rules for code 80 added. Read it and learn procedure after you hear marshal´s countdown, because from now we will be strict and penalize any violation of this rule.

Previous point 15 rules have been moved under number 16.

Ben J Russell

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Really interested in earning my first license, but need to confirm please that I will still be eligible if I only race 2 of the 3 races? Unfortunately my work shifts are irregular which means I can't make the 3rd date.

Hopefully this is possible, as I really would like to be a part of the SRCA.

Jake Hall

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Yes Ben, if you race only 2 out of the 3 races it is still possible to gain a License 4, but of course you would still need to race at a high enough level to achieve this license.

Bruno David

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First time here at SRC. I'm willing to race in the academy series. Is there a schedule for February yet? I need to request days off at work so I'm able to participate in the next season.


Matej Lakota

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99% will be these (Wednes)days, full schedule with tracks we will announce after 2nd race of current season, as we usual do :)

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hello, where can I find the schedule for the academy server. also is there practice servers? I am trying to sign up for sign up season 3 but i cannot reply there.
I see the SRC club academy server but i cannot find the password so i can practise

Jimmi Allison

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hello, where can I find the schedule for the academy server. also is there practice servers? I am trying to sign up for sign up season 3 but i cannot reply there.
I see the SRC club academy server but i cannot find the password so i can practise
First off, our sign up threads are always closed, in the menu in the top of the forum there is one tab for each series.
SRCA is the one to use here, however as you might see it say: SIGN UP [CLOSED] which means the series is currently full.

No-one has access to the server until they are signed up. But its very standard: the ISI 370z cars.

The schedule is posted in the same menu SRCA > Schedule, next season dates are posted just above your post.
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