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We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using S397´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which is the official rFactor 2 endurance championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
VEC´s feeder series Virtual Le Mans Series and several special events - Plenty of racing. Register today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll just need to introduce yourself and then you can start off in our Academy series

VEC Season 9

Jimmi Allison

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VEC has yet again been blessed with over 80 sign ups. With the amount of entries, we've come up with a new plan to try and accommodate the incredible demand for places. We wanted to avoid having a joint championship this season, so here is the plan for the new endurance racing season at SRC.

If you competed last season, the format itself isn't too different, but there are some major changes. 1. There is no PreQ. 2. There will be 2 servers - Room 1 and Room 2 - with 2 different championships. The above means that VEC R1 championship is what we first announced. In R1 will be the teams we have been handpicked (things like last year results, safety ratings, known teams and drivers, correct sign up procedure have all been taken into consideration - no change in this procedure). VEC R2 is simply a bonus championship and will be the first port of call for teams looking to race in room 1 (if any teams drop out of get kicked out, at halfway through the season we will look at the teams in R1 and R2 and see if they fit).

So the new ladder system at SimRacing.Club is:

VLMS is the start up series; this is where you will learn and start up doing multiclass endurance VEC R2 is the feeder series to VEC R1 and this will have the exact same rules, tracks and race date however start time will differ. Obviously this will be broadcast as well on YouTube. VEC R1 is the highest ranked series where you need to have earned the right to race in. We are working on something really cool and this will be presented as soon as we can.
Now teams which is picked to R2 are not forgotten. As posted, VEC R1 managers still need to pay the fee, and then behave on track. R2 is still a strong field and, as posted, should be considered almost if not as strong as R1
We have bumped up the initial entry list to 41 In room 1 we have sent out invitations to: 11 LMP1 10 LMP2 20 LMGT
In room 2 we have asked 43 teams to enter: 13 LMP1 8 LMP2 22 LMGT (obviously not all will confirm next step)