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Steam - new procedure

Jimmi Allison

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Unfortuantly, some users (other league related) cant stand when other leagues are succesful, simply by hard work.

This includes 1 or 2 track makers (i havent really borthered reading up on all the trolling, im not 12 years old and need to get my kicks out of this), this particullar track modder dont like their work released on Steam. Even though there was not once in the release mentioned this, we simply thought everything would be ok.

We´re not rebels, we honour the work people are making - and just because we need to edit the tracks for our needs (larger grid - we cant use a track they can, with 12-16 spots) dosent really make us dis-like their versions. Infact i´ve asked modders several times to simply make larger grids possible (if i can do it, im sure people dedicated to modding can do it too). If they did - it would simplify it for regular users. Simply having to have 1 track installed.

Take for instance Nordschleife :)

Long story short - the Workshop I released from my personal account has been removed - BUT has allready been uploaded and ready for use under simracingclub´s league user.

You will have to be SimRacingClubs friend to be able to subscribe to the content. This is Porsche Super Cup AND Virtual Le Mans Series.

Please friend request this user: http://steamcommunity.com/id/simracingclub/
Make sure you use your real name - people with nicknames will not be confirmed.

So bottom line - part of the rF2 community really dislikes new invovative ideas - but you know what? we do and support rF2 and Steam all the way.