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Start and Code 80 Procedure

Florian Koetz

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We will switch to a new starting procedure for Season 13 already in order to match VEC and VLMS. There will be no starting signal anymore.
Every driver can accelerate after the apex of a predetermined corner and is clear to overtake from that point onwards. So as soon as you pass the apex of that corner yourself you can switch off the pit limiter and go. The corner will be mentioned in the race post in the forum.

Code 80:
Just to clearify again because last SRCA season was horrible in that regard.
We have increased the penalties and the effect a code 80 violation has on your license. There will be 2 tenths tolerance and not a single moment more. Everyone caught with more than 80kph (including 81, 82, 83 etc.) after the tolerance will be penalised according to the severity of their violation.
We are forced to do this after seeing list VLMS race and also last SRCA season.

The countdown for the code 80 will start with: "No overtaking, code 80 in 10 seconds"
From that point onwards you must not overtake anymore. Return the position if you already started an overtaking attempt.
Shortly after that there will be the countdown: "5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Code 80 enforced"
As soon as the race director starts saying "Code 80 enforced" you need to be at 80. So when 1 second after the callout "1" has passed you need to be at 80.
In other words: As soon as the race director starts to say the "C" of "code 80 enforced" you need to be at 80. Not later and not when the race director finishes with the callouts.
We do NOT accept any excuses because even 5 seconds is still enough to slow down your car.
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Fred Vernet

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What investment in your regulation so the least things are good to read it and apply it, congratulations to you for all these points ;-)
Tanks ;-)