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SRCA server

Morten Faarup

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Would it be possible to open a SRCA server for practice. I think it is a great way to meet the rest of the interested drivers and compare data. The more practice the better eh?
Another bonus by doing this would be that race management would be able to see which drivers are actually active. Could be used to determine the ranking of the reserve drivers?
Just a thought...

Jimmi Allison

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And the award for most questions before a season AND the user with most new threads goes to Mooooorten Faarup :p
No, this server would not be used a lot, so work compared to what it will be used for would not be something that would be worth doing.
WHEN you have signed up for the season and be on reserve, you will have access to the SRCA server.

Florian Koetz

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adding to what Jimmi said: We can't gain any information by doing this as the priority of sign ups is determined by the timing of the sign up, first come first serve. And we do not want to force driver to be active on a practice server weeks before the actual season only to get a better "ranking" (as you call it).
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