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"Simracing.club Academy" - Server: "Checking Server for missing components"

Hey guys,

I tried to connect to the Simracing.club Academy Server throught the rFactor 2 Launcher to do some practise.

It seems that it gets stuck at "Checking Server for missing component".

Does anybody has an idea how this can be troubleshooted?



//EDIT #1: Got the advice to unsub and resub the workshop mod, will test that tomorrow and will give feedback.
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The vmod is still requiring: Nola, Sepang, Indianapolis and Silverstone, so you need to make sure you have those original tracks installed as well.

Don Baumbach

VEC Division 3
VEC Season Pass
Usually this fixes the problem... close rF2 launcher, open workshop and 'unsubscribing', and then 're-subscribe' . . . Then restart rFactor 2... should resync and download.

If that does not fix the problem, then perform a verification of the game files. From your steam library, right click on the rFactor 2 game and select properites. Then go to tab for 'Local Files'. Then select 'Verify Integrity of Game Files...'. This process takes a few minutes.

And if that did not fix the problem, then attempt to clear Steam's download queue. Open Steam. Select Steam from menu bar, and then 'Settings'... You will then need to navigate to the section for 'Downloads', and there you will find a button to 'Clear Download Cache'.

Thanks for that extensive manual.

Sadly, without success.

I just found following message in the rfactor launcher: Mod "SRCA_2018 18.0215" references a non-existent component "SRC_Silverstone 18.0211".

When I look into the package list, I can find SRC_Indianapolis/Nola/Sepang, but not SRC_Silverstone

I've just unsubscribed all mods and redownload the srca related only. This will take a few hours.

I will give feedback :).
Infact - i just checked (sorry should have done so before) we are using old SRC edited tracks, so you should sub to the workshop Kevin just posted. Then you actually have whatever the server has installed
@Jimmi Allison

Still getting stuck with "Mod "SRCA_2018 18.0215" references a non-existent component "SRC_Silverstone 18.0211"." in the launcher/ "Checking server for missing components"
Got that working, I had to first subscribe the SRCA item, then Silverstone.

Thanks for your help guys :)!