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Simhub Dashboards now work in VR!!!

Shawn Jacobs

VEC Division 1
SRC Season pass
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Hi All

So with the introduction of Oculus beta 2.0 you can now pin windows into VR.

This to me is a massive step and exactly what RF2 vr needed.

I've put together a quick video demoing setting it up, it's pretty late at night here so production value is pretty shite
but you get the idea.


rough screenshot from editor

Dropbox - VR Overlay.zip

Azar Alamouri

SR.C License 5
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Any1 like me? will never ever make himself suffer for all this hassle?

I neeeed this, but I prefer 2 wait for S397 UI.

Still, big thanks to the OP and the guys behind Simhub for their efforts.