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Server Stability

Chris Partridge

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Hi Guys - been following rF2 development this year but not had a chance to race much ... just wondering how stable the big endurance races are server-wise and perhaps from the client experience too?

Martin Dyrlund

VEC Season Pass
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You do know that VEC is a endurance league? Ofcourse the server is stable... :)

Most issues are because the clients tend to experiment with settings. Here is a list that most people get wrong on their computers:

Forgets to restart their computer. If you just normally close your computer in windows 10, it will actually go to sleep, and not turn off completly, so you end up with a computer that have been turned on for many days, this can cause stutters etc.

People tend to use VSYNC (60 FPS) and run offline without any AI's and 30 visible cars, and it runs smooth. Problem is when you get to the race you wont have a buffer. Turn VSYNC off, do not cap the FPS, and then adjust GFX settings until you get minimum 150-200 FPS. Then afterwards you can turn on VSYNC, this means you have a buffer and you will have a much better experience. The highest rF2 settings is only for screenshots. Limit visible cars to 15.

Bad internet connections. I had for a year an issue where the internet would drop out for 5-60 seconds then come back. I ran a ping tool that showed it, and the ISP took 1 year to correct it. ISP could not see the problem, and was the same issue with 2-3 routers.

Running shit tons of programs in the background. Close all of your programs before joining the server. Discord and Chrome etc, just close it down. For me, when hearing some music on youtube in chrome while practicing, i get some small stutters. When i close it down they are gone.

Follow this, and you will have a good experience, like me... :)