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Season 11 - team stream

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Hi guys

So like last season i´d like for each division to have 1 dedicated onboard streamer. Similar to what Jimmy B and co did last season.

Want to stream the entire race? feel free to contact staff, please link to your channel, subscribers etc.
YT and 108+ is required.

Contact staff and let me know what you can provide to us :)
Streamers for Season 11 - please note that this is a FULL race stream, you are obviously allowed to stream your own stints.
Also, we had to pick some - i know we cant fit everyone - however lets see as the season progresses.

Division 1
#102 ACR Zakspeed (Michi Hoyer)
#87 Raijin Racing (Mitchell Smith)

Division 2
#118 Push Rod Racing (Ivan Rico)
#189 SimRacing Poland Team (Wojciech Osadowski)

Division 3
#222 Exclusive Racing Series (Michel Gulpen)
#235 PTSims.net Racing (Carlos Santos)

Division 4
#310 Witchwood (Riccardo Alitta)
#318 Team Rookie Monsters (Matt Beavis)
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