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Scrolling standings display

Per Oqvist

VEC Division 2
SRC Season pass
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This is a huge issue on a grid with 30+ cars. On my old button box the scrolling standings display was triggered by shifting up and down at the same time. Not the case with my current. I managed to trigger it by some other combination I just can´t figure out. I find no key binding to let you choose scrolling or the normal static standing display. I also find nothing in the player.json file?

Is there some key binding that got lost in modern builds or how do you activate/deactivate this function. Google don´t help someone had the same issue in automobilista.

Daniele Vidimari

VEC Division 4
SRC Season pass
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Do you mean the standing in the MDF menu right? If so, you can switch between fixed and scrolling with the right arrow or whatever button you have to go right in the MDF menu, the one you use to increase the amount of fuel in the pitstop menu. "LCD increase" should be called.