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S50 - R1 - Silverstone

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Jimmi Allison

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Race Length: 45 Minutes
Simulated Race Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Fuel and tyre wear: x2

Race schedule:
19:05 - Open practice
19:55 - All cars must be on the server, all racers connected to TeamSpeak and stay there
20:35 - 20:50 - Qualifying
20:50 - 20:55 - 5 min break/warmup - race control whisper test
20:57 - Start of formation lap (on pitlimiter - single file, no overlap)
21:00 - Green flag drops when YOU cross the s/f line
During the race there will be 1 MANDATORY PITSTOP (nothing else, regardless of fuel, tyres)

Real name mandatory, otherwise you will get black flag in open practice before the race.
Driver has to change nickname after 1st warning when admins notice he is not using real name, otherwise he will be excluded from SRCA league before the first race.

Flag rules: Black only

Review the rules before joining the server for the race.
Orange Zone:
In effect through first full race lap

Jimmi Allison

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SRCA Incident report

17.8 All decisions made by the Stewards are final.


Orange Zone

00:21:20 - D Williams does not rejoin pitlane road after pitstop
Infraction - D Williams - 8.5

00:28:05 - E Goddard unsafe release
Infraction - E Goddard - Unsafe release

Pitblend line violations
T Pina
E Miro
G Kalyagin
F Krecmer
M Novak
M Novak
E Goddard

Code 80 violations
M Carrillo
M Correa
D Zamora
I Gonzales
E Goddard
D Williams

Penalty Summary
T Pina - DT
E Miro - DT
G Kalyagin - DT
F Krecmer - DT
M Novak - DT
M Novak - DT
E Goddard - DT
M Carrillo - DT
M Correa - DT
D Zamora - DT
I Gonzales - DT
E Goddard - DT
D Williams - DT

Stewards Comments and Feedback


DQ = Disqualified
GR = Gentlemen Rule
AC = Avoidable Contact
IF = Infraction
RI = Racing Incident
W = Warning
SnH = Stop and Hold
DT = Drive Through
IYF = Ignoring yellow flag
IBF = Ignoring blue flag
FTLB = Failure to lock brakes
UTR=Unsafe track rejoin
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Henk-Jan Steneker

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Is it okay if I keep my - in my name?
The rules state you are not allowed to use special characters in the name.
Does the stripe count as a special character?
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