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S44 - R1 - Silverstone

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Oliver Newman

GT3E Season pass
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Sorry if I caused anyone any problems! It was my first ever online race and I started in the pitlane. I was in the red norma trying to make my way back up!

Nick Hughes

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Thanks to the organisers and good race all! This was my first online race in a sports car/rwd and it was a bit of a reality check after having a competitive WTCR season in my return to sim racing after an 8 year break!

Jimmi Allison

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We take things quite serious here. Why? because we do not want people to come in unprepared and ramming into other teams that have spent days, weeks and months on preparing for a race.
So please make sure you can hear TS announcements. I am quite sure my mic is quite clear.
ALSO i have repeated this for drivers that is here from previous seasons. IRR is NOT for whatever issues you have with the game, dont waste my time, i will simply delete them. IRR is for INCIDENTS, and guess who looks at them.

Miguel Ramos

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Sorry Jimmi, it was my fault because I don't use Team Speak normally. I put settings and everything was OK in the TS but unfortunately I don't check audio was working. You know software and hardware always can fail. As I thought that nobody could speak in TS channels, I didn't realize until everybody went to track on warmup and in the chat of server I could read TRACK CLOSED. Bad luck that I wasn't hearing anything and Code 80 happened when I was with 2 cars in front in a straight and they brake suddently. My apologies again to driver that was involved.
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