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S33 - Race 2 - Sao Paulo

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Jimmi Allison

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Race Length: 90 Minutes
Simulated Race Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Race schedule:
19:05 - Open practice
19:55 - All cars must be on the server, all racers connected to TeamSpeak (everyone alone in his own channel - CAR NUMBER = CHANNEL NUMBER) and stay there
20:34 - Whisper test
20:35 - 20:50 - Qualifying
20:50 - 20:55 - 5 min break/warmup
20:56 - Final whisper test (optional)
20:57 - Start of formation lap (on pitlimiter - single file, no overlap)
21:00 - Green flag drops when YOU cross the s/f line

Real name mandatory, otherwise you will get black flag in open practice before the race.
Driver has to change nickname after 1st warning when admins notice he is not using real name, otherwise he will be excluded from SRCA league before the first race.

Flag rules:
Black only

Review the rules before joining the server for the race.
Orange Zone:
In effect through first full race lap

Jimmi Allison

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Driver nameCar for round 1:Car for round 2:
Jimmi Allison121
Benjamin Killackey222
Andrea Arena323
Alberto Nuevo424
Luis Chavarria525
Lubomir Nice626
Adrian Faber727
Filippo Caneo828
Chris Vacca929
Michael Hausknecht1030
Marco Intrieri1131
Chay Hatch1232
Martin Joubert1333
Antonello Mitrano1434
Mike Voigt1535
Charlie Folland1636
Fran Luque1737
Lukas Mueller1838
Tim Neuendorf1939
Nick Deeley2040
Serge Bakker211
Lorenzo Rossi222
Bart Bosschieter233
Dmitri Buksha244
Kemal Kurtoglu255
Adriaan van Zyl266
Aidan Millward277
Adam Rainey288
Nathan Soh299
Daniel Kristow3010
Wouter Bosschieter3111
Jurand Kusmierczyk3212
Devin R Cook3313
Sebastien Parmasad3414
Micheal Le Roux3515
Arkadiusz Otreba3616
Semih Celik3717
Danny Robbins3818
Enrico Fetta3919
Filip Fojt4020

Mehmet Ozgur Bayrak
Kaashif Iftikhar
Lukas Lichten
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Jimmi Allison

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SRCA Incident report

17.8 All decisions made by the Stewards are final.


Orange Zone

Other Incidents
2154 - A Millward rejoins the track with upcoming traffic, GT3 avoids but looses a position
Penalty - A Millward - UTR; DT

5190 - S Bakker spins on exit and rams into the side of M Intrieri, Intrieri then fails to lock brakes and backs up into the path of Bakker causing new contact
Penalty - S Bakker - AC; DT
Penalty - M Intrieri - FTLB/AC; DT

Code 80 violations
S Celik
A Millward
C Vacca
M Voigt
L Lichten

Pitblend line violations
W Bosschieter
C Hatch
N Deeley
A Millward x3

Penalty Summary
Penalty - A Millward - DT
Penalty - S Bakker - DT
Penalty - M Intrieri - DT
Penalty - S Celik - DT
Penalty - A Millward - DT
Penalty - C Vacca - DT
Penalty - M Voigt - DT
Penalty - L Lichten - DT
Penalty - W Bosschieter - DT
Penalty - C Hatch - DT
Penalty - N Deeley - DT
Penalty - A Millward - 3xDT

Stewards Comments and Feedback


DQ = Disqualified
GR = Gentlemen Rule
AC = Avoidable Contact
IF = Infraction
RI = Racing Incident
W = Warning
SnH = Stop and Hold
DT = Drive Through
IYF = Ignoring yellow flag
IBF = Ignoring blue flag
FTLB = Failure to lock brakes
UTR=Unsafe track rejoin
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Filippo Caneo

VEC Season Pass
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Just to avoid problems like in NOLA, my question is : if you are joining the pit lane , are you allowed to touch the line? Or like NOLA it's forbidden

Sebastien Parmasad

VEC Season Pass
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Are we allowed to cross the pit line on the last corner on a race lap? (edit: nvm, just realized that it counts as a cut track)
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Nathan Soh

Junior Member
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I would like to cancel my participation, for the rest of the season, due to personal issues and the timezone issues. Thanks.

Devin R Cook

Junior Member
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I'm sorry I won't be able to make it. Basically same reason time zone hard to get off work at 12:30 in the afternoon.

Lorenzo Rossi

Junior Member
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due to a malfunction, the electricity company has blocked the current flow. currently i am without electricity. I'm not 100% sure I can run tonight
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