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S27 - Race 1 - Indianapolis

I cant fin pass word to sever ?
Teamspeak details are in a subforum to SRCA called private forum (which you can see when you have L5 assigned to you (upon signup). In there you can see the SRCA workshop, Teamspeak server info and also the info to join race server.
Does this help?
Inside SRCA forum is a subforum, go there
Hello everyone

Im sorry but I cant drive in this academy session.
Actually I have some problems with my 2dof sim and I need some time to resolve it.
I hope I will drive with you as soon as possible in a next academy sessions.
Im sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you and regards
@Jimmi Allison , I'm sorry, but I will not be able to participate in S27. With the time zone, here in Brazil I will be working. I hope I can participate in the next one. Thank you.
Sorry, I won't be able to attend to this race. I suppose my gap will be ocupped by someone for both races so I will try next seasson.

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank's for all.

See you on track!!!
@Jimmi Allison I think you havent read my message. Anyway, If It is a free spot for the second race, i'll be available.

See you!!!
I am sorry, I have to sign out. Just got informed that I will not be able to make the race next week due to work scheduled change. :(

Trevor Holden

SR.C License 5
Gonna have to pull out of this race due to work, hoping I can be able to race at NOLA.
Apologies to the organizers. Due to time, or the lack of - damn work, I will also not be able to attend the race. I'll catch up next season.

Thank you guys.

Isaac Barclay

SR.C License 5
Sorry for the short notice, but i will be unable to race due to hardware issues. Ill enter at a later date, sorry for any inconvenience.

Lance Link

SR.C License 5
I will unfortunately not be able to get away from work in time to compete. Very sorry for the late notice on this.