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S26 - Race 2 - NOLA GP

Matej Lakota

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Race Length: 90 Minutes
Simulated Race Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Race schedule:
19:05 - Open practice
19:55 - All cars must be on the server, all racers connected to TeamSpeak (everyone alone in his own channel - CAR NUMBER = CHANNEL NUMBER) and stay there
20:34 - Whisper test
20:35 - 20:50 - Qualifying
20:50 - 20:55 - 5 min break/warmup
20:56 - Final whisper test (optional)
20:57 - Start of formation lap (on pitlimiter - single file, no overlap)
21:00 - Green flag at the red line marked on the track map bellow

Real name mandatory, otherwise you will get black flag in open practice before the race.
Driver has to change nickname after 1st warning when admins notice he is not using real name, otherwise he will be excluded from SRCA league before the first race.

Flag rules:
Black only

Review the rules before joining the server for the race.
Orange Zone:
In effect through first full race lap

Matej Lakota

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Stewards review

Orange Zone:

Pit entry and exit blend line violations
567 - M. Torres
2145 - D. Russel
2940 - R. Marais
3076 - J. Nelson
3640 - D. Russel
3815 - S. Rivera
4944 - M. Torres


Reported incidents/observed by race control:

Penalties for code 80-violations
1st code 80 at 1900
Rudi Marais overtaking at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through

Final summary of penalties
Rudi Marais - 30 sec stop and hold
M. Torres - 30 sec stop and hold
D. Russel - 30 sec stop and hold
J. Nelson - Drive Through
S. Rivera - Drive Through
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Cody Blanton

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Enjoyed the last 2 races even though the cars aren't brilliant to drive. Definitely gotta earn it and drive to survive. Thanks to everyone for the clean racing today.