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S25 - Race 1 - Indy 2007

Joao Pitaes

VEC Division 1
VEC Season Pass
Terrible race for me.Grabed a friends setup last min because i arrived from work right in time for Q. Mid race i was leading by 19 secs and noticed my fuel wasnt going to be enough. The problem is that my navigation button on my button box stoped working. Had to also change tyres because i had no option. underfueled the car and had to pit again.

2x48secs stoped in box (facepalm)

Congrats the the winners! Good race overall.

Eric Torres

SR.C License 5
the truth that has been a very beautiful experience has happened to me of everything in the race but I had a great time and the first one here, I hope not to have caused any problem to another pilot, and if so, sorry, the great organization, we we see in the next race!
How is the time of the stop and hold penalty kept? Do we have to do it ourselves? e.g. wait for another 30 seconds in the pit box after a pit stop (in case of 30 sec stop and hold). Or we have to pit only for the penalty?

Florian Koetz

VEC Division 1
VEC Season Pass
no, it's a stop and go the game will give to you, you will have to select it in the pit window and serve it within 3 laps
Hi Florian,
could I ask some clarification about the "Code 80"?
During the countdown in teamspeak, when is it the best moment for activating the pit limiter?
During the last race, I waited until you said "Code 80" and then I press the button.
Obviously, this leads to a delay from when I press the button and when the car gets slower to the Code 80 speed.
By considering that I got two penalties, my feeling is that I have to slow down some seconds before the end of the countdown in order to reach the Code 80 speed when you finish the countdown.
Did I interpret right the penalties?

Thanks in advance.

Florian Koetz

VEC Division 1
VEC Season Pass
That's how it's written in the rules, in the forum and that's how you are told to do it in the briefing.

You have to be at 80 when I start saying "code 80 enforced". I don't care how you get there as long as it's safe but when I say code 80 enforced and you are not at 80 you will receive a penalty.

That's why I recommend everyone is at 80 kph when I have reached "1" in the countdown
Ok perfect thanks for the clarification.
I missed that detail.
I'll definitely take care of it tomorrow.
Thanks again.
Hello, I am sorry for these sanctions, the first I recognize that I did not know exactly "code 80" and until I saw cars driving slowly, I did not reduce speed. My mistake.

In the second case, I thought I had complied, but sure when you said 1, I still surpassed it slightly.

Tomorrow, will you apply the sanctions in the first 3 laps?

Thank you and I will be very careful tomorrow.