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S14 - Race 4 - Suzuka

Daniele Vidimari

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Wow, great stuff here, one of the most intense race in my simracing life! :eek:

I tried to not to do a pitstop, but it was a bad strategy (at least for me) because after 1 hour my front tires were destroyed. I made some little mistakes, so i decided to enter for fresh tires. In the last 20 minutes there was a lot of fun with @David Armstrong and @Standa Vlnas, i was literally laughing seeing our 3 clumsy and funny shopping carts on ice! :lol: :Laugh: Great stuff!

Was a pleasure to race in this championship, thanks to everybody and thanks to the admins for the great work.

Daniel Monteiro

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Haha, I look forward to watching that part of the replay then! :lol: :Laugh:

Did you take hards or softs? I was so careful on softs with my braking for most of the race that I ended up wearing the rears slightly more. So then I decided to brake harder and later towards the end as I saw you guys were catching up; I think I finished with just over 50% on all tyres.

Martin Ulrik

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That was fun.

My first rain race. Almost perfect.

Quali. Pole. A little surprised, because quali is usually my weak point. But managed for once a really strong lap.

The first part of the race while the tires were fresh was really good and made a 7-8sec gap to M.Patel. Had planned a 2 stop race, but the tires held better than expected. Patel is very good at keeping his tires alive, so when we were halfway, the gap was down to 1.5sec and my tires were completely gone. I stopped a lap before Patel, but Patel came out just in front of me.Damn:). I knew i had to pass him in the first 5-6 laps while the tires were fresh. But it's incredibly difficult to keep close when you can not see anything. So did not get by, and in the end I had big problems with the tires again. Finished P2, 3-4sec after Patel.
A little disappointed not to win today. The speed was super good, but so was tyre wear:confused:. But great fight with Patel. Just a little more fun if I had won it:p.

Now I hope these 4 races are enough to get a license.
And then the hunt can start for a seat in the GT class.

David Armstrong

Ex SR License 4
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Did you take hards or softs?
Ahhhhh I didn't even realise taking the 'dry' softs was feasible in the wet. I was scratching my head as to how you ended up in front of us ;) The hards were well and truly shot for me after a third race distance, even though I was trying to be conservative.

Jake Hall

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@Daniel Monteiro, and everyone else, if you receive any penalties from this race it will be treated like any of the previous ones, therefore effecting your license 4 chance.

Licenses will be announced in the next few days.

If you would like to see how VEC Division 1 got on in similar conditions on the same track it is available on the Virtual Endurance Championship Youtube channel, Season 9, Suzuka.

Filippo Marazzi

VEC Season Pass
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What a season :)

8th position (unbelievable for me after my result in season 13). Strategy error to make a single pitstop (too much tyre degradation). An invisible wall touch at lap 25 (3016 on replay), so from that moment the target was the finish line and fight @Jack Keithley (searching to maintain him 30 second behind me)

11th position probably my best and funny race in this season, lapping in traffic and fighting @Daniel Monteiro with different strategy, incredible overtake him (without fuel) in front of pitlane on the last lap :) (few days before I had lost a position at the last turn at HSO 6h at Fuji)

17th position a good race. A little touch @Daniele Vidimari, no problem also for me Daniele :thumbsup: (y)

14th position, terrible race. Error on first lap, broken suspension. Slowly all the race, and making the error of try to repair... 160 seconds and few difference. Looking to the finish line and not create problems to other cars. Was not rain, was me :Cry: :crying:

11th final position on standings :D (initial target was between 20th-25th), and no penalties in the first 3 races ...

The races was funny and clean, the multiclass race was a great idea and the base of Endurance.
Thank you very much to the Administrators, and bye bye all the friends meet on track :).
...gaining or not license 4, I will be back in January for season 16...SRCA is great...

Stefan Kanitz

VEC Season Pass
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I want to apologize for Oliver Schlabs. He wanted to make the last race but due to a late work call he couldn't make it and forgot to sign off. Hope it doesn't make any trouble for the upcoming season.

Florian Koetz

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It is a bit late but for everyone who wants to know if the last round affected their chance for license 4.
I'll keep it short:

Only two violations, Daniel Monteiro who was too fast in one of the code 80. This would have been a Drive Through.
And Mathias Christensen who had messed up the start. The Drive Through for overtaking cars during the formation lap is dropped because he returned all the positions and the 30 sec stop and hold for avoidable contact is downgraded to a Drive Through because he returned the position.

In other words: If someone did not receive L4 it was because of the races before Suzuka.