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S14 - Race 3 - Indianapolis

Matej Lakota

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Race Length: 90 Minutes
Simulated Race Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Race schedule:
19:05 - Open practice
19:55 - All cars must be on the server, all racers connected to TeamSpeak (everyone alone in his own channel) - and stay there
20:34 - Whisper test
20:35 - 20:50 - Qualifying
20:50 - 20:55 - 5 min break/warmup
20:56 - Final whisper test
20:57 - Start of formation lap (on pitlimiter - single file, no overlap)
21:00 - Green flag at the red line marked on the track map bellow

Real name mandatory, otherwise you will get black flag in open practice before the race.
Driver has to change nickname after 1st warning when admins notice he is not using real name, otherwise he will be excluded from SRCA league before the first race.

Server: The latest build
Flag rules:
Black only

Review the rules before joining the server for the race.
Orange Zone:
In effect through first full race lap

Matej Lakota

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Stewards review

Orange Zone:


Pit entry and exit blend line violations

Reported incidents/observed by race control:

Penalties for code 80-violations

1st code 80 at 2360.2
- Nate Idiens speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Sergio Mengual speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- David Antonaya speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Daniele Vidimari speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Mike Hanemian speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Daniel Monteiro speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through

2nd code 80 at 4010.2
- Jan Wiegels speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Mike Hanemian speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through
- Daniel Monteiro speeding at the beginning of the code 80 - Drive Through

Penalties carried over from Estoril
Tiziano Brioni - 30 sec stop and hold
Giulio Scrinzi - Drive Through
Ryan Elliott - 60 sec stop and hold
Mathias Christensen - Drive Through
Ryley Wyans - 30 sec stop and hold
Nick Lawrence - 30 sec stop and hold

Final summary of penalties

@Tiziano Brioni - 30 sec stop and hold
@Giulio Scrinzi - Drive Through
@Ryan Elliott - 60 sec stop and hold
@Mathias Christensen - Drive Through
@Ryley Wyans - 30 sec stop and hold
@Nick Lawrence - 30 sec stop and hold
@Nate Idiens - Drive Through
@Sergio Mengual - Drive Through
@David Antonaya - Drive Through
@Daniele Vidimari - Drive Through
@Mike Hanemian - 30 sec stop and hold
@Daniel Monteiro - 30 sec stop and hold
@Jan Wiegels - Drive Through
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Nick Lawrence

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So sorry but I've just had the date confirmed for moving house so it's packing madness now.. Therefore I will have to miss the next 2 weeks. Really sorry

Tiziano Brioni

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Good evening

Unfortunately I have to retire from this season due to an unexpected for this evening and the next week I will be in Abu Dhabi

I hope that I will able to get the license in the next season,I'm really sorry

Good luck for the last two races to all drivers and admins

Stefan Kanitz

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Due to the fact above Matej, i sign off for season 14 and will try my best in S16 or someday :) Thanks for your work.
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I retired from the race and gonna retire from the season.. My plugin hud wasn't showing up so i couldn't do anything. I also couldn't attend in the first Race so there is no point in me continuing this season. I might be back for another one if i find time... Unfortunate.

Mike Hanemian

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Ok, debriefing:

This race was nearly a nightmare for me. My game froze right after the warmup start, I could hear the sound in the background but was unable to click anywhere on the screen. A ctrl+shift+esc after and I was back in my pit, and on the track hence the green light at pits exit. I tought i could regroup with the pack but I was way too far behind, so I had to clear the lane for everybody: a nice stresstest of my "being lapped" skills.

I was so nervous about rejoining the race fast & safe that I forgot to check my fuel level, started the race with roughly 10 liters, wich definitely eliminated any chance to do something correct (ie stay with the pack and maybe fight a lil bit).
Then came the second error, I decided to pit under code 80 but I took this decision way too late, cutting the grass to rejoin pitlane. Dumbest mistake of my race.

I want to apologize if I caused any trouble to the race, I tried to do my best not to ruin everyone experience. Shoutouts to the yellow GTR that got a lil scratch on his door from my 370z at the end, I owe you a paintjob mate.

Thank you all, especially to the admins too, I hope i didn't make anything wrong.

Daniele Vidimari

VEC Season Pass
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Good race for me although i had a drive-through, happy with 4th position and i tried to cath David Armostrong with fresh tires (but was a bad strategy, i lost like 46 seconds to change them).

@Filippo Marazzi our little touch was funny, was something like "go come on", "no you go np!", "no sir, don't worry go" :lol: :Laugh: I hope there were no problems for you!
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Martin Ulrik

VEC Season Pass
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Not a race to remember. In quali i did not try so many attempts as i new there where a drive through waiting. Startet P3. Fell back to P7 after drive trough, fought back to P3, then made a mistake and back to P5. First pit stop where just a bit to early as i think many of the others could pit under code 80 and lost quite a lot of time on that, around 20sec i think. Tried to nurse my second set of tyres, but could not avoid pitting for a second time. And just before the end i needed a splash and dash. Damn. Ended P5

Nate Idiens

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Had a great battle for 3rd with Jan today in the gt1 category. Really good defending mate. Was exhausted by the end of it as I had been feeling quite ill before the race started. Was worth the effort though. Looking forward to Suzuka.