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S12 - Race 1 - Sebring

Hi Matej

I did run a "clean" race at Sebring, I did have one cut corner though on the last lap, and then of course a breach of the code 80, does this mean that this race is "down the drain", and I need to have the last two races spotless, to get my license, or do race 1 still count for something?

Hey Allan.

It is the right question for @Jake Hall , because he has his own math about licences.
Everything counts and a single meter you have done in the races already is not in vain, but I would say it is better to start all three races just to be sure :)
In my case I couldn't listen properly the C80 message because I have some problems with config. That means you should do 3 clean races? So if I have a penalty I couldn't get the license and I have to do SRCA again?

Felix Heinen

VLMS Season Pass
URD Licensed
As I remember, Flo announced green flag point in starting procedure/formation lap, so I am almost sure everyone was in the car in that moment.
No just during the practice session or warmup. I am not 100% sure which of the both session.

Second point is when there stands "19:00 - Server reboot" in the race schedule i don't expect that i join into a quali session at around 19:45. That's why i was a little bit confused and asked for clarification. I hope we don't have any problems like that today and that the sessions will be according to the race schedule.

Matej Lakota

SRCA director
Division 1
VEC Season Pass
URD Licensed
All schedule is written in CET timezone and last time all seasons started in a minute as they needed to, so I have no clue what you are talking about.