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Round 7 - Sebring

Tony Mella

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Incredible. I have no words. No probation, nothing, and directly a race ban.
If you don't want me on track just say it and i leave.

Markus Fruehauf

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What a disappointing race!
Alex drove a perfect qualifying session and despite the chaotic weather conditions he could push all the time. So we had a great gap to the other teams before the driver swap. During my first stint I had problems with the tires, but I could continue what Alex started: Driving without any mistakes and increasing the gap to the other cars. I had a gap of almost a lap to P2 when I had a big incident with the RSA car due to his technical problems. After that almost all suspension were damaged and I hadn’t any front spoiler. So I had to drive to the pits and we lost a lot of time and the leading position. Now I was on P5 and due to the incidents of other drivers I could drive back to the podium. The last stint was almost boring, but I was very happy that the race was over when I drove over the finish line and we finished at P3.
It’s not a bad result, but we cannot be happy that we lost the victory in the race due to such an incident. Hopefully we could have a good finish at the last round in Le Mans!
See you soon in France!