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Round 7 - Sebring

Jimmi Allison

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I understood, thanks.
Sometimes the algorithm should understand that a long one is already a huge disadvantage and it would be worth saving the penalty :D
Yeah, i dont disagree - can you do an IRR on this, just put in the timestamp and "Jimmi review this one" ;) Then i will have a look while i review the incidents

Brian van Beusekom

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Very happy with our first win at SRC! We got close multiple times but we finally have one now :lol: :Laugh::lol: :Laugh:

We got very lucky though, cause our race could have been ended within the first stint already when I spotted a GT car way too late. Hit the wall at 150kmh but somehow only very minor damage:

Elise Skinner

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Well then... This was a race I'd rather forget...

Firstly I'd like to apologise to the #19 (twice), #42, #18 and the #1 for the issues that arose with our #17 during the race. It will NOT happen again...

Secondly I'd like to congratulate the Realish LMP2 on their p6 finish and their GT car on their points finish.

Thirdly I'd like to thank Jimmi and Bernd for running the event as per usual and Neil and Nick for their work on the broadcast.

Team wise.. I'm not the most pleased.. A mediocre qualifying after Marc struggled to find pace in the car followed by the events in the race didn't stand up to the usual standard of driving from the crew.

P14 in qualifying followed with our usual "stay safe and get to the end of the first double tyre stint" strategy of which worked with us climbing up the order and having a very close fight with the Handy Racing Team car. After the first stop we set about climbing further as more teams struck issues and Marc's pace slowly improved until the heavens opened and we dived into the pits under code 80 for wets and full fuel.

That was the moment the usual events ended. Fighting the #18 speedymite Marc went for an.... "Opportunistic".... Move on Pyatt of which ended in contact, Marc spinning, followed by the #19 and the #42 being collected in the aftermath...

A cleaner stint later David jumped in the car and ran his own race until the incident with the #19 and the #1 occurred of which I didn't see so I won't comment upon. However I will apologise again to both teams. This resulted in a live penalty of which was served instantly..

After that nothing else particularly important happened and David brought the car home in P8. A very downbeat race for the team as we know we are capable of MUCH better...

I almost forgot one thing!
Special congratulations to Jordy Zwiers, Brian van Beusekom, Greg Hall and Jon Uyan for their maiden SR.C win. Now you need to just repeat this on Saturday for us in VEC ;).

Finally I'd like to wish everyone the best of luck next round and we'll see you there :D
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Elise Skinner

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Yep, plus after 500 seconds of repair i had to serve a Stop & Go because i entered to fast in the pit, so that p2 did a pretty good job.

Really sorry to hear that dude...

Was a nice surprise seeing you at the sharper end of the GT field this round so was a shame to see you have your race ruined in such a bad way...

Come back stronger for Le Mans and go for it!

Fabio Cangioli

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2 laps before getting in to the car we were wrecked by Witchwood I think when they rejoined the track imo unsafely.
We checked the replay and his rejoin was a bit unsafe although he rejoined without cutting the track and a few meter ahead there is a wall so he had to rejoin before that, we are really sorry for your crash anyway.

Tom Young

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We had a bitter end to what was looking like our best ever finish this season. We were as high as 3rd or 4th until we were given a stop & go penalty for sliding off the track in the wet. We thought it could be the game being over-zealous, so we tried to clarify with Bernd, but we didn't get a reply as we had something like 3 code 80's back to back. So we served the penalty before we were DQ'ed and just chalked it up to it being our turn to have some bad rF2 luck. So we rejoined in 5th, still a very strong position for us, and was due for our final driver swap when this happened at Sunset Bend: (Sorry for potato cam!)

I simply left my braking and turn in marginally too late, and I hit the very end of the barrier in what felt like slow motion. There was so little grip off line there I was trying not to lock up and keep the car turning away from the wall. If I braked 5m earlier I would have gotten away with it. Absolutely gutted, and not the result my team mate @Michael Grossberger deserved, as he put in so much work in our prep for this race.

Arwin Taruna

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late post!

I think this round is the first time i really felt paying for vlms license is very cheap compared to the racing expecience i got last saturday. It all began when @Nico Barclay appointed me to drive first and we have @Osvaldo Angelone joined the #56 ship. I was playing second fiddle on every 6 previous rounds, nico always did great and i just there to extend it. so this was a challenge to me being the starters and... the time couldnt be more right because i recently upgrade my internet. I need to train harder, clocked more laps, dared to manage traffic better, and having luxury of deciding final car setups.

Q was a surprise, i was lacking of experience in those S6 tyres :whistle: :whitles: :whistling:. fortunately i managed to put a decent lap to get P4. not too shabby since we were targeting to finish above the fellow from mellow. Race was mixed feelings, in dry condition we were all about keep the fuel low and manage the tyres. We undercut mellow on the pit when it was raining. We were P2 when i hand over the car to Osvaldo. and then.....

Swap failed. so ded. fortunately he was the fastest guy in the rain. we were P9 at one point. glad we can salvage some points by finsihing P5. well done our fellow in mellow for their maiden win in VLMS @David Hart @Lee Russell ;)

Gasper Zupan

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Another decent race for Donuts, P6 is more than we could expect. We were on our way for an even better result, but then this happened:

Now let's see if we can conquer that 10th place in class championship. See you all in France.

Tony Mella

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Stewards Comments and Feedback
N. Lence will recive a race ban for LeMans due to his behaviour at Sebring with being on probation
T. Mella will recive a race ban for 2 AC in a row plus penalties for other incidents
What does AC mean ?