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Round 5 - Interlagos

Jimmi Allison

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despite this, I think I should not have received such a harsh punishment.

we accept the stop and go (60s), but it's not fair

What kind of races do we want to see?

I repeat, the fault is mine for hitting the car in front, but braking 100 meters before is still my fault?
Yes its your fault, you should have taken into account that the driver infront would have to slow down because of another car (almost like accordian effect). Ofcause you were busy flashing your lights and probably didnt notice.

Markus Fruehauf

SR.C License 4
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A disappointing race for us! Felix was happy with P7 in the qualifying session and with the performance in the race, but during the race he had great problems with the tire management. So he had to change the tires. Also he had 2 critical incidents including a damage at the front and the rear suspension on the left side. Especially the damage at rear one was bitter, because it happened at the pit entry. We decided against a repair and I tried to drive the car softly. I started my stint at P5 I was very surprised that I was able to drive a good pace with the damaged car and so due to the incidents of other cars I was for a short time at P3. Unfortunately a few laps before our last pitstop I had a terrible crash at the exit of turn 3, because I had a small contact with a LMP2 which lapped me at this moment. I lost control of the car and crashed into the tire barrier. I need 20 minutes for the repair of the car and instead of a really good result we finished for the first time of the season outside of the points. :(
That’s very bad, but we are confident that we will get a better result in Silverstone.