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Round 3 - Sebring

Fabio Cangioli

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I like the rule as it is now, but what happens if you slowed your car in time, overtaking a car and let that car pass again after the code 80 is enforced?

I don't want to brake later..but maybe it would be safer to concentrate on slowing the car in time without hitting anyone, instead of try to brake hard only because you have to avoid overtaking a car that is braking more than expected, when code 80 is enforced you will just give that position back, with no gain and less risks for other cars following. :)
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Jimmi Allison

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Well no overtaking means no overtaking, so you will probably get a penalty, however if place is given back stewards will review and consider if the penalty should be reduced. Which it probably will.
We cant really tell, and this is an important thing - we cant go over every single scenario and answer the questions which sometimes is harder than it is to review a simple incident. This is why the rules are "simple" yes they are infact.

Read the rules and understand them to the fullest - When it say no overtaking, dont overtake.. simple as that. We do automatically review the time around the Code 80, so we will catch you ;)

Carlos Santos

SRCA director
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Thanks to everyone for fantastic race
What an amazing video! Superb editing, it really shows how your race went and engages the viewer till the end! Despite knowing the race result I found myself rooting for you guys! I felt that DT coming out of the pits under code 80 like it was my own.

Congrats to Caspian Motorsport for the great job o track too.

Tomasz Luty

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Hi guys
I wanted to give a huge apologise for this race. Since the build has changed and increase to number of cars from srca to vlms, I encountered massive stuttering which we summarised as lag and performance drops.
Even despite a complete format of hard drive and doing a clean installation of windows 7 and rfactor 2, the problem still persists. So basically when I go on track, no matter being alone or with 20 AI, I have a purple bar on cpu time at minimum of 75% at all times. The changes of controller do nothing to and when switching to AI control everything decreases to about 10 percent even with AI.

My hardware is as following:
phenom II 965 (4x 2.3 ghz)
gtx 970 OC version
6gb ddr2 800 (OCZ)
M2N-SLI Deluxe
Sata II 250gb

This hardware is more than enough to play games like Grid Autosport on Max Details and Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain on very high details

I googled the topic and the cpu online, but there were very limited results and despite having tried many solutions, I ultimately think it has to do something within the software or on cpu - software line. If solution is not found, I will have to sit few races and upgrade my pc in this instance.

Tomas Beha

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Shadows and night lights (cars and track) can be very CPU needy - on top of that RF2 is a "simulator" and not "just" a game, which means that physics are being calculated all the time, your CPU is the benchmark without a doubt, the GPU is okay, but not at max or even high details with full grids.