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Round 3 - Mosport

Bernd Schmidt

SR.C License 4
SRC Season pass
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Race date: 15. December
Race Length: 4 hours
Simulated Race Start Time: 13:00
Time accelerated: x1
Live weather

Race schedule:
14:55 - Server reboot
15:00 - Open practice (ensure only STARTING driver is on the server)
15:55 - All cars must be on the server
16:00 - 16:20 - LMGT Q (5 min break)
16:25 - 16:45 - LMP2 Q
16:45 - Warmup
16:55 - Start of formation lap - formation lap under pitlimiter
17:00 - Green flag, when YOU exit T10

Classes: LM-P2, and LM-GT

rFactor 2: Latest Build
Liveview and FLT:
Coming soon
Event on facebook: Click here
Flag rules:
Black only
Broadcast: Yes

Please review the rules before joining the server for the race.

Orange Zone: In effect through first full lap 2000px-Mosport_VLMS-1.png

SRC Stewards

Reaction score
17.8 All decisions made by the Stewards are final. Drivers are allowed to notify the Stewards if a decision violates one of SRC´s rules.

Orange Zone

605 - R van Aerle overtook J Cardenas on to T6 and has his nose in front of Cardenas, Cardenas didn't saw van Aerle and turned into him
Racing incident- NFA

Other Incidents
- O Cocozza overtook B Myszk, Myszk hold his line through the corner, but Cocozza crosses into his line, no chance for Myszk to avoid the contact which has been made
Racing Incident - NFA

641 - E Jajovski is far behind J Cardenas but couldn't brake early enough to avoid the contact, so Jajovski made contact with Cardenas which ended with slightly Suspension dmg for Cardenas
Warning - E Jajovski - Agressive driving

905 - E Fazzi want to lap G Bulat approaching T2, Bulat moves in an unpredictable way which leads into a avoidable move for Fazzi which ended in a wall contact for Fazzi
Penalty - G Bulat - Unpredictable driving; Drive Through

2201 - M Roellin had BF because of P Schulze was approaching, in the same time Roellin want to lap a GT driver as well, Schulze has been aware of the situation that Roellin could move to lap the GT car and slight contact has been made between Roellin and Schulze
Racing incident - NFA

2678 - Q Claasens spun and failed to lock brakes which leads P Schulze to avoid a contact but the avoiding move ends in a wall contact and major damage for Schulze
Penalty - Q Claasens - FTLB; 60sec Stop & Hold

2870 - Roellin laps L Dittrich onto T10, Dittrich doesnt saw Roellin and turned into him which ended in a spun and slight wall contact for Dittrich
Racing incident - NFA

Code 80 Violations

Post race

Track cutting

Penalty Summary
Penalty - G Bulat - Unpredictable driving; Drive Through
Penalty - Q Claasens - FTLB; 60sec Stop & Hold

Team Penalty Summary
Penalty - 189 - Unpredictable driving; Drive Through
Penalty - 171 - FTLB; 60sec Stop & Hold

Stewards Comments and Feedback
Probation has been lifted for A Navarro, Y Kasdorp, A Di Cello, S Donadel, J Ortuno, A Paumgartten, M Csincsik, M Nicolae, A Terzic
Race ban for J Studenski will stay for 2 more rounds

4 IRR's couldn't have been reviewed in terms of the repla issues, which means all IRR after timestamp 4000 hasn't been reviewed. Also C80's hasn't been reviewed for the same reason

FYI before you submit any IRR, please make sure its worth submitting it, as you can see a lot of them has been only RI with NFA and those are not worth reviewing.


Race bans:
J Studenski x2

DQ = Disqualified
GR = Gentlemen Rule
AC = Avoidable Contact
IF = Infraction
RI = Racing Incident
W = Warning
S&H = Stop and Hold
DT = Drive Through

Stephen Bailey

SR.C License 4
SRC Season pass
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Quite frankly, it is up to people to get better. We've raced tracks like Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca and Mosport in the past and everything was just fine. It is up to the drivers to get better, adapt to tracks and understand what is and isn't possible in certain situations. I raced in the days we did tracks like this a lot, and the talent level now is much higher...people just need to engage their brain.

Cameron Rodger

VEC Division 3
SRC Season pass
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Workshop is updated and server will be up in the next minutes
for me workshop never does anything and track/car download when i join the server... weird

also 2 things i noticed about the track so far
1, pit limiter is 56k's (correct?)
2. Pit boxes may need moving left like in RA, as if a car DNF etc. they will be sat in the way of pit stall and cause issues

thanks for getting it up tho, hope those points help