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Round 1 - Montreal

Ben Willis

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That was mega! First race for Draig in endurance since the end of 2014 and to come back with a strong p7 is brilliant. Great team effort with stints and sets, got a little unlucky with some stop and go's for cutting but otherwise there was pace for p5. Roll on road atlanta!

Carlos Barbosa

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First race we've ever had with LPM cars, so we had some difficulty in getting a decent setup.
After some struggle we found one that seemed to fit most and even if it wasn't the fastest it was at least more safe to drive.

Celso Gomes had a good start and gained some positions but had a crash and spent lots of time reparing damages which got us into a really bad position when re-entering the race.
I entered in the race more or less in the middle and I think I did ok, or at least no big crash. Recovered 6 positions, 1 by being faster and 5 by being cautious and taking advantage of other people crashes.

Hope next one will do better.
Congractulations to the winners and to all the rest too... I think generally with just a few exceptions everyone seemed to have a good behaviour on track.
See you all in Atlanta

Gabriel Rossouw

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New team, new car, new track, new format. Apart from the pre-season test race (which didn't go well), those were our "news", and what a worthwhile experience. You must get this a lot, but to the organisers, a very warm applause for outstanding work, and to all drivers, thank you for the participation and stress.

This track was "baptism by fire" to all the new entrants to multi-class racing. Cramped and at times a little claustrophobic.

Our GT team looked very promising with our most experienced campaigner (Gert James) at the helm. Unfortunately, he had some bad luck early in the race setting them up for a recovery drive from more than a lap behind. The recovery was quite stellar, until another unavoidable incident in the latter part of the race put Amrish way towards the back of the field again.

Fortune favoured our P2 team, but only barely. We had an equal amount of on-track and behind-the-scenes drama to deal with. Early-on we realised the quality of our competitors and how much we were lacking in raw pace. So, we reckoned that fortune favours the cautious and we threw brave to the wind (see what I did there :cool:). Thus, we found ourselves in amongst, and in front of some of the heavy hitters. Most of the race, there were someone faster right behind us, but because we were lucky to escape the chaos and others weren’t, they had to come back for more :p

I didn't forget to have at least one moron-moment when I pitted under a CODE 80. Exiting the pits, and passing the green light, I switched off the limiter and went full throttle, just like I've become so used to during practice. When I rounded the first corner, I saw a very slow LMP2 car and suddenly it hit me :eek:, we are still under CODE 80 :oops:. I slowed down to something like 30 kph, and on green flag, I didn't speed up yet, not sure how much time I should relinquish. I got going slowly and the rest of that lap I kept on second-guessing if I gave back the advantage I gained. This totally confused the commentator who started to spectate my car just after I slowed to 30kmh :confused:. In the end, having checked the replay, I gave back an extra +- 15 seconds.

While there were several near-misses and close calls on the track, off it, disaster was close. First, there was a thunderstorm which caused a power outage in Gerrit’s area. Luckily, he had backup power in the form of a generator, but because of how it is installed, if the power comes back on, he will momentarily loose his internet connection. Like the legend he is, he made a plan so that he could stay on the generator for the duration of his stint, regardless of when the power comes back on. Also, he had to make sure the generator is fuelled until the end of the race :eek: (figure having to manage 2 fuel tanks for one car)

Secondly, on the 10-minute window before my pit-stop and the driver swap, Gerrit entered the server, only to be greeted with the dreaded issue we had earlier in the day where he is not able to spectate cars, and as we’ve learned, this meant no driver swap. Frantically, he tried all the workarounds and re-connecting, but the problem persisted. I had 1.5 laps of fuel left and mere minutes away from reaching the 70% driver time mark when some “beautiful event” (sorry to the victims) resulted in a CODE 80. This gave us JUST enough time for Gerrit to get a successful connection and jump in the car.

The story of faster cars sitting on the rear bumper of the #108 car continued to the delight of our SA audience. It was a riveting battle towards the closing laps between Gerrit and Nico Barclay – almost ending in tears. Twice in one lap they made contact, but luckily everyone survived with Nico making a well-deserved pass on the penultimate lap. It was great to watch.

I hope we didn’t use up all our luck in one race.

Joao Brito

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Great race guys, and great 4h spent.

We were'nt the fastest guys (more like the slowest ones...) but we were cautious and consistent.

We got off to a normal start, gaining places on others errors and avoided major incidents.

Got some luck on driver change with a CODE 80, and then right on the 1h to go mark got another one to pit and take it home.

Just would like to apologize to Cestani, he was lapping me getting on the hairpin and i couldn't break behind him, and couldn't avoid the nudge.

Congrats to everyone, great behaviour and excellent pace generally.

Daniel Miebach

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For the #188 NoLimit Motorsport it was tough race ...

In the early stages we were able were on P3 and got a bit under pressure due a few unlucky lapping. In a close situation we got pushed of the track by a GT-backmarker and we fell back to P6. But with doing consistent Laptimes and a good tire management we were able to regain third position in the race.
Close to the end of the second stint, we got crashed by a P2, what gave us a 7 1/2 minutes repair and destroyed all chances to a podium result. After the repair stop we came back on track around P12 started to fight back to the front positions.
Most positions we gained with our last pitstop during the Code 80 around the 1 hour mark.
After the pitstop we had a run to the flag for the fith position, wich was decided for us in the last lap at the hairpin ... So after a lot of bad luck during the race, we gained a hard fought fifth position.
Now we are focusing to Road Atlanta, hoping to get there a better result, than here.

See you there ;)

James Price-Harper

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This was a very enjoyable introduction to SRC for me in this race and I can't wait for the next round. I had an extremely clean run in my only stint, bringing the #199 Realish Racing car home. It was all going fine until the final lap when the driver in last place decided he wanted to have a race with me and refused to accept blue flags for half a lap. Honestly ;) The result was myself getting forced off the track at the hairpin and losing a position. I can't say i'm not a bit gutted about that, but 6th in class for a bunch of rF2 rookies is more than what we hoped for. :)

Marcelo Aiello

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Apologies to each car with which I had some inconvenience. Enter a very hot time of the race and I pay the cost of getting into a rhythm. The race was very intense for 4 hours. There was fighting all the time and the circuit was difficult. The important thing is we finished, my partner did an excellent job, in my case try to keep all the work done until I had an accident and took a long time to repair. Ls Congratulations to winners and thanks to the management of the event, everything was very well done and everyone could enjoy the race.

Nuno Pinto

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GT Ramada Motorsport # 151

Just a quick review of what happened in this kind of chaotic race in my point of view with too many incidents.
First ever qualify with this car and I took the wrong approach to the setup because I though the track would have much less rubber than it actually had so I didn't make the right call. Fortunately my lap was enough for PP I still tried on the last 5min to make some changes to the setup but they didn't work. Anyway starting P1 is allways very good even if it the difference to P2 was less than 0.1
Started pretty well and decided to really take care of the tires and save as much fuel as possible on the first part of the race.
Manage to open a 4sec gap to p2 but with some P2 crazy moves I almost lost the lead but manage to stay in front and after some misfortunes from our competitors we were comfortably on the lead of the GT class after 2 hours.
Then my mate Hugo got into the car and did a really good job avoiding crashes and all the mayhem that was happening all around the track.
Really good to start this championship with a PP, Win and a fastest lap of the race.
I think we can't ask for much more in terms of results in the first race of this new team.
See you guys at the next race! ;)

Bernd Schmidt

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Stewards review has been posted.

You'll find it on the first side of this thread, post #3

Alessio Ricci

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In our case this was the first race together and the first race here at Src for me, so I hope that everything will be better at Road Atlanta.

Just a question to better understand point 5.3: drivers have to slow down at the start of 10 seconds countdown?


Kyran Parkin

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Just a question to better understand point 5.3: drivers have to slow down at the start of 10 seconds countdown?
Yes. Once the 'Code 80 in ten seconds' message is announced, you should think about slowing down safely. Obviously you can leave it as late as you dare but as we've seen from Montreal some people leave it just a little too late. :p As long as you're at the pit limiter speed before 'Code 80 enforced' is announced, you'll be fine.

Alessio Ricci

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Yes. Once the 'Code 80 in ten seconds' message is announced, you should think about slowing down safely. Obviously you can leave it as late as you dare but as we've seen from Montreal some people leave it just a little too late. :p As long as you're at the pit limiter speed before 'Code 80 enforced' is announced, you'll be fine.
OK, very clear. Thank you for the explanation and obviously thank you for your time spent to check the race ;)

Tommaso Tortella

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I am a little late, but better late than never :p

I return to endurance racing after the season 8 of the VEC, and I must say it was quite traumatic for me :confused:

I made very many mistakes, some misunderstandings with some pilot perhaps inexperienced in this type of racing and someone who had a little too much in a hurry to overtake ... let's say I did not miss anything :D

We'll try to do better the next race, beginning as early as the preparation phase where we get to work.

Thank you all for fun and to all the staff who as usual was excellent!

See you guys at Road Atlanta ;)