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Room 1 issues

Jimmi Allison

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After several of days of investigating why Room 1 was having issues 2 races in a row - I now believe we found the cause of this.

We havent had any issues during the last couple of seasons - yes the occational small bumps has been there, but overall there has not been any issues - because we do things in a certain order and is strict on how to behave.

First off, when the same client leaves and then joins back on the server - it creates a peak on CPU, the more this client does that - the worse the peak seems to get. Which is why we really need people to stay on the server once they join.

Also joining as a spectator and doing swaps during the final official practice session is not something one should do either - remember every driver that joins get an ID which could cause issues for your car later on.

I will see if we need to start giving out penalties for this, or if we need a reboot closer to race start - we´ve done that, but this also creates a BIG load on server when 40 people joins. Beside giving some clients an issue. So best option right now - is using the procedure we allready have.

The actual server was steady - however the issue we believe is the cause of this, is on the actual "route" to the server.
I have been performing trace routes from and to the server, i´ve had this done from Holland, England and another client in Denmark. All see the same peak in traffic just before it goes to the server.

The data center (where the server is hosted), wants to monitor when this all happens - but I cant really "risk" another race being red flagged due to this - which is why Room 1 server will be closed and opened a new one at the French data center. This is where Room 2 server is located AND the actual location of our full S7 and later part of S6 server was.

The only thing that is different is the actual server location (well that and Room 1 server is more powerful)
Nothing in the logs tells me anything, but tracert and MRT is telling me everything.

What does this mean for you?
Basically nothing, room 1 server will be up and running within a week. This does for the league however mean a bit of some work in the background.

How to procede
Well please, first of all - follow the simple instructions
DO NOT test drivers swaps when the server has been rebooted on race day
DO NOT join and then leave again
DO NOT join as a spectator unless you are getting in the car

If you need to practice - do it offline - we have 4 dedicated servers running, and a couple of other services - we are not gonna set up yet another practice server - if we did we would be close to demanding money for you to race here. This is something we have never done - and probably never will.

Regarding live timing
This is hosted in USA, reason for the "lag" or offline status is simple, the actual DSL line was and is corrupt - so this means they will get a fiber connection at the end of december/start of january.
For now, we need to stay put - this is Noel´s territory - and we want the actual FLT to be up and running as well, its getting closer - but due to real life workload it's delayed.
This would, in worste case, give issues in one more race - i will see if we need to put more things on the actual stream, so people can see last laptime etc.