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Race 5 - 6 hours of Estoril

Riccardo Corazzari

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I havent given that any thoughts at all, what i initially wanted to do was a video guide. But honestly, time is not on my side. But this does not necessarily work for you, i´ve never had a swap failure - but i´ve also always had rock solid internet. Let me put it in a thread these coming days, perhaps next week since the rest of the week im doing nightshifts and honestly dont have much time.
This does not necessary have to come from you. It should come from the developers, in reaction to the issues that a quite large number of costumer is having now (and, funny but true, wasn't having in the past -this should be an indicator imo-).
Anyway massively appreciated. At least we have some kind of "official procedure" to follow now.

Tonga Guardia

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i always followed the procedure Jimmi post, and just only ONCE my car was robbed by the AI....
also i suggest you have one button assigned for the FFB reset, should be usefull if the steering wheel feels strange after a swap