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Race 5 - 6 hours of Estoril

Jimmi Allison

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Hi guys¡
Only for info and if anyone had similar situation as #149 in DIV 2 .
yesterday when go to join again I had morte than 5 times CONNECTION LOST.
Rebooting PC, router ...several times until I get join in the server. Then into server I need to swap again so it was difficult to drive with small lags even feel in the wheel... each time wheel was move alone and feel some like punchs.

I dont know how can I help or anyone can helpme?
Thanks in advanced and best regards
With that many connection lost, i´d assume it is your internet. Unless it was the vast majority of people having these issues, but i doubt it - i saw no packet loss on any of the servers last night. It could be sporadic, but if you have seen this before i´d call the ISP and have a chat with them.

Jos van der Sterren

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For the SRVN 223 the race had some up and downs.
Whe really had the pace but not good enough to come close to the other teams.
During the driver change with @Johan van Doren the connection went crazy and he couldn't go faster then 50km/h.
Whe changed back but whe had lost a lot off time and also got some damage on the rear.
Still 2 hours to go with a car that wasn't new anymore.
Still finished sixt so not all was lost.
P.s got a mention from Nick off agrassiv driving so I hope I didn't hit somebody unnecessary.