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Race 2 - 6 hours of NOLA

Tony Mella

VEC Division 1
SRC Season pass
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okay last post for me today....

So since we seem to have alright qualifying pace..... and to be sure we're not penalized later (this is definitely tongue in cheek I assure you Jimmi ;) ) I thought it best I share our qualifying setup to ensure that there are no "bugs" in it that we are exploiting without our knowledge......... and if we are... you can all be penalized for it :p

Everyone is welcome to have this setup, as long as you promise not to open it up.........

disclaimer - I can not say if this will or won't actually load as a setup........ but sure try your luck.....
why did i see this only now
it gives me so much ideas for Interlagos setup
im gonna put NNEEEEOOOOWWW wings i'm gonna be so fast