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Problem with the SRCA Mod

Tom Oldenmenger

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Hi all,

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place on the forum, but I can't get the SRCA mod to work properly.
I've been able to download the mod, and verify the car/tracks in RF2.
When I load up the track, it gets stuck at around 80% of the loading screen.
After alt+tabbing, it show the following error:

Pressing enter shows a similar error, regarding to the windshieldout texture.
After pressing enter for about 20 times, it stops popping up.
Alt+tabbing back into the game shows me and the AI in the 'standard yellow car', which shows when the game hasn't downloaded a skin etc.

I've tried verifying the files, and removing and re-installing the mod multiple times by now, but it's the same problem every time.

Is this a known problem? Is there a solution?
Thanks in advance :)

Matej Lakota

VEC Season Pass
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Actually you can pick original ISI 370Z or GT-R, go to the one of S14 tracks and test them. There is no difference between ISI and SRCA cars except different skins.