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Physics freezes, we at Studio 397 could use your help!

Marcel Offermans

VEC Season Pass
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We've had several discussions and tests in the past in an attempt to nail down physics freezes here at VEC (and elsewhere). The common theme was usually that people reported a problem they could not consistently reproduce, leaving us with no scenario to test and usually no data we could use to analyze what had happened (the trace files in these situations turned out to not be that useful). So recently we sat down internally in an attempt to make sure we end up with better data and introduced the performance log.

This log, which is always enabled, captures a lot of timing data that will allow us to better pinpoint where problems are if you have a (physics) freeze. Now already we are getting some very useful contributions from people sending us those logs, but I would like to still appeal to everybody here and ask for help.

There are two things you can do to help us:

First of all, out of the box, we do only basic performance logging. It does show freezes, but it lacks the detailed internal timing that we need to narrow down problems. So open your player.json file and search for the line that defines "RealTimeLogging" and change its setting from "0" to "1". This will keep up to 5 session logs. They are saved at the end of each session and yes, that does take a while, but the information is useful to us. If you want to send them to us, go to UserData\Log and use ZIP to compress the files. They typically have names like TrackAndSession_RealTimeLogging_BlaBla.csv and for each session there are multiple files (we need them all). Upload them to Dropbox, Onedrive, Wetransfer or something similar and then add a response to this forum thread with a short explanation and a link to the ZIP file: Logging Out-of-Realtime Physics Freezes [public-test]

Second of all, we now have an experimental build, based on early feedback, that we would also like you to test. It's a private beta, and you will need to go to the "beta" tab for rFactor 2 and enter the following password (without quotes): "UpERYPhIblEHorTiO". That will make a new beta available called "public-test" that you can select. Run it for a while, in theory you should be able to use it for races too, compare it to the regular build and send us logs from both.

If you have any further questions, ask them here or in the linked forum thread. Thanks for your help!

Yoeri Gijsen

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Could it be this is the reason I missed the start of the VLMS race as it was going over from Warm-up to race? I have logging enabled.

Tonga Guardia

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I have my logs from Silverstone race, which includes a big big freeze followed by a disconection...
In about 2 hours i will get home an upload it