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Our race

Shawn Campbell

VEC Division 1
SRC Season pass
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Ok so here it goes - our race in the #38 Champion Racing LMP3 entry.

Bad luck was the theme of the day. The good: We were better prepared for this event and the setup was much improved. We were able to run competitive lap times throughout the race. The car was pretty good balance wise if we watched out for rear tire wear (no tc)

The bad: Two separate crashed/incidents in front of us. One involving a GT car who either blew up or slowed down suddenly on the right hand side of the backstraight. I had no time and no place to go to react as I was out wide overtaking GT traffic and P2 cars were passing. So there was contact sending me into a spin and stalled engine. 20-30 seconds lost. The second incident involved a couple LMP2 cars who were battling at the middle of the Apex in sector 3. Neither car giving each other any room whatsoever so naturally they crash each other, I get collected and get the steering knocked out. +35 seconds of damage repair.

The ugly: JT's internet connection which ended our chances of points. He was effectively getting dial up speeds. So he retired early while I was getting a meal. He rejoined and was able to limp back to the pits and I hopped back into the car and ran through rest of the race. The final time in the car was without any notice incidents.

I would comment on the behavior of the other prototype class but in reading the other posts I don't really need to say anything else. I would be beating a dead horse.

Anyways it was fun to drive the car and get lots of laps in. My new Fanatec CSL V3 pedals were excellent.