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Welcome to SimRacing.Club
We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using S397´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which is the official rFactor 2 endurance championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
VEC´s feeder series Virtual Le Mans Series and several special events - Plenty of racing. Register today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll just need to introduce yourself and then you can start off in our Academy series


Stefanos Jensen

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I'm pretty new to racing on a PC but have done a bit on Xbox. I've had my PC for 4 months, so still getting used to the higher level here.
Currently i am racing on iRacing and Assetto Corsa, but i've also had a few runs on rF2.
I want to practice something that makes sense though, instead of random cars/tracks.

Is the car you use for the Academy series, the Nissan that already is in the game, or is it a custom mod?
Also what mods would i need to install to be ready for a race/series?
Is teamspeak = discord?
When do i know i am ready to join you guys (at the moment i don't feel ready)