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List of Tweaks!

Carsten Dyndegaard

VEC Season Pass
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As I stand to reinstall win 10 and rFactor 2, I came to think of all the tweaks and settings I've made over time to get the best experience out of the game.
I can't remember them all. I have searched for an overview of the different tweaks, but can find nothing.
So, I thought why not make a list of as many tweaks as possible, so you had some kind of guide to follow.
And here I need your help. I have created this questionnaire where you can add the tips you have. Both for the game itself, but also for Windows 10, and graphics settings.
Here you can see what's on the list so far: Tweaks for rFactor2

And here's the questionnaire to add your ideas: https://forms.gle/mGjqg1o2WyezgnnP7

So get in and share what you have done to optimise you rFactor 2 experience!
Thx a lot!

Tracy Nolte

VEC Season Pass
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This was very useful for my recent reinstallation. Anyone here running VR and perhaps have a list of tweaks they may have used to balance performance and image quality. I haven't put a lot of time in tweaking things but ran at Le Mans last night in the Porka GTE and has a couple moments of what appeared to be random freezes.

Forgot to mention I was running only single player locally so it's likely some local process but overall just looking for VR pointers, settings improvements, etc...