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Issues at preseason

Tomas Garcia

VEC Division 4
VEC Season Pass
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Sorry for answering this thread late, but I was checking if anything I did could solve this problem. For some seconds, the car starts to go slower and some cars around me start to lag. I have been checking my connection, and there has been a sudden change of speed, as I have gone from 200 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Apart from that, I don´t have any idea of what can be the reason for this to happen and how to solve it.

Here are my specs:

Motherboard: AMD AM3+
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Processor: AMD FX6 Core 4,1GHz
OS: Windows 10

Riccardo Corazzari

VEC Division 1
SRC Season pass
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We had a driver swap issue between me and Daniel Almeida
We both have set network settings to realistic settings.

System specs Arne Schoonvliet
i5 6600k
gtx 1070
16gb ddr4
Using oculus rift

System specs Daniel Almeida
i7 7700k
gtx 1080 ti
32gb ddr4
using oculus rift

Swap procedure
Daniel joins server as spectator
Passenger select me and tells me he is driving with me
I go to pit menu and select him as a driver and tell him that I selected him
He presses race and goes to cockpit view
2 laps later I go into pits and drive into my pitbox
Game tells me I will loose control in 62s

While waiting for the swap + after swap
Daniel tells me that the engine isn't running while on my side it is running (I did rev the engine to confirm)
Count down goes to zero, Daniel does not have the car. I drive out of pits. Server recognises me as an AI driver and I have ping of zero seen from the server (I checked ping on my side and I had ping of 42ms to the server). Daniel leaves, joins again as spectator. From the moment he tries to drive as passanger with me he gets kicked out of the server. Kalle tried aswell but he also got kicked out of the server

We had to retire the car.

We weren't running any trace due to recommendation on the forums here to avoid any small freezes ( the game writing big logs to the trace file)

same as what ended last season lemons race on the #73.