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Forum - SRC and VEC

Jimmi Allison

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When the actual shared hosting went haywire, i´ve decided to bring forward the merge which was waiting after VEC´s season 8.
Why do this - well 300 users at SRC which mostly was VEC drivers as well - we wanted to create a common ground for everyone here.

Does this mean VEC will be compromised - not under any circumstances - this is still our premium serie - and therefor will this get priority over any of the current planned series at SRC.

I have decided to use SRC domain to have this on - this means everything has been merged to VEC forum and then simply moved to SRC.

"Frontpage" or presentation is something we were missing - since well forever, this is in the process of being "linked" together with the forum.

Good or bad - well to be fair - the SRC users (as mentioned) was mostly VEC users, so nothing really changes for VEC exclusive drivers than the results, standings, entries etc has been moved to the frontpage.

Buisness as usual :)

Any feedback on the forum / frontpage is welcome - as long as they are constructive.

Obviously some links will be wrong, simply send me a message about this in Contact administration and i will make sure to correct them.