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Driver swap

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Jimmi Allison

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Ok, as per request here is a list of what is "suggested" at least from me.

So during practice you usually make a setup together, save this and name it the same. Make it simple: "p2_23" share it with team members, load it and assign it as default.
You are able to change the wheel ratio if you do, save it again.

Now race day is there - let the starting driver join the server, DO NOT join it yourself after the official practice starts - i repeat DO NOT join
When its close to a pitstop and a swap, go to the server (no more than 5 laps before) caution is needed, let the cars load and wait a few seconds - make sure you click the right driver and then "ride with". Make sure you take a little time in picking the right driver.
During the inlap, the driver currently in the car should select you in the pit menu, and then hit pit request - dont change anything from this point. Before entry to the pits entering driver hit RACE. Go into the pits, wait!
The new driver takes the car and drive down the pitlane - exiting driver should do NOTHING, once you are out of the pits the exciting driver should hit the "ride with" hotkey - this should prompt the current driver with "x is no longer driving with you" after that hit escape.
Exciting driver should now disconnect from server.

Thread is closed for now, to not spread different information - do you have any hints, please feel free to use contact staff (and yes i´ll make a list out of the above, but wanted to make this post while i remember).
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