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Driver swap problem

Patrick Tougait

VEC Division 4
VEC Season Pass
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I don't know exatcly were to post this so, if it's needed admin can move or erase this post if necessary.

During last race (Indy 1000 miles) we encouter a driver swap problem.
Scenario : I enter the server as spectator, ask to ride with my teamate, he saw the message saying i was riding with him, unfortunatly he forgot to select my name before he pit. So he made another lap, select my name and ask for pit stop , then he pited.
We both get the message that we will take, or lose control of the car in x sec.

Evrything was ok, i manage to drive the car, until my mate leave the server. At this time the engine shutdown. I've been able to restart the engine a drive, but it appears that i desapeard from the live timing, and that people where racing around me unable to see me. Wired thing is that i can fell when other cars collide into my car. My car seems to be some kind of gosth o_O stuck in the matrix.
So i've got to diconect then reconect.

Driver swap test were made before without trouble, and i manage to do 2 other swaps without problem during the race.

i attach the trace file.


Jason Holden-Jones

VEC Division 2
SRC Season pass
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Patrick, I had the same problem in the RSA Protea SimSports Porsche in Div 2, but in my case I was doing a pit-stop without a driver swop. When the timer ran out for me to leave the pits, the engine died and I could not restart the car. I could switch the ignition on and off, but the engine would not fire when I pressed start. Absolutely brutal after being P4 in class.

Unfortunately I switched my trace logs off! I know I am kicking myself, I wanted to see if having the trace logs on were causing the stutters I was having last season and never switched them back on again. Trace logs are on from now on, hoping to replicate the problem during practice for Round 2. Hopefully your logs help to fix the issue.

Jerome Lehingue

VEC Division 4
VEC Season Pass
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I take this topic to expose my problem.
Alliance competition Div 4 N ° 315
Around 4 hours of racing

Radiator closed at 25% (1 notch in the HUD)
And after changing the driver, the radiator has increased to 4 so 75% off.
The engine did not even make 2 laps and broke

Adam Karkuszewski

VEC Division 2
SRC Season pass
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During last race our team Simracing Poland on DIV2 had problem with driver swap that forced us to DNF

I started the race (and Q). I drove first two stints (2Hours) and then Mikolaj Malicki came in. The driver swap was flawlles.
He comes as spectator; passanger select, i chose him. Box. Loose control - gain control. Perfect. He goes out.

He makes next two stints (2 hours) and another change is comming. This time Zbigniew Siara was suposed to take car.
Again, he joins as spectator, passanger select, Mikolaj picks him on HUD. Makes the box and they BOTH see the "countdown" (loose control , gain control) and ...
at the end ... STILL Mikolaj has full control on car.
What the hell...
Ok Mikolaj goes for THIRD stint. He makes it full and then we fought, ok There was a problem with Zbigniew swap, I will join in. As our swap, when I was giving car to Mikolaj, was OK.

I join as spectator, passanger select on our car and here is allready a problem
Mikolaj says that on his HUD, I am allready chosen and he CANT change it this value on HUD. When he tries to go there, the frame around value that You are setting (fuel, tires , repairs) goes automaticly +1 up or +1 down.
But ok, I am chosen, I am as a passanger with him riding, he makes pit call, stops on spot in box and ...
Car starts to "float" as a UFO for a two-three seconds and then DRIVES away ... just like that. With AI control.
No one has control over the car.
Fuel ends = DNF