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CPU running out of realtime, out of idea, needs help

Alexander vd Woude

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Hi guys,

Next to my startup problem (which is now fixed) , i've had other difficulties for the last month with rF2, amd im out of ideas and desperate for a solution.

Basically, at random points, mainly during braking and cornering, but also taking bumps, the CPU that does the physics (purple bar) runs out of realtime, slowing down the game for me and making me a danger to be around on track, this used to be not such a problem, over the last 2 seasons i had maybe, 1 or two a race, but now it's normally 1 or two a lap.

I've noticed this happening in the last few races of last season, so i got myself an upgrade, but right now my upgrade is more of a downgrade and it's becoming more and more frequent.

I've exhausted all the options I know exist, use thread, running it in literal potato mode, running a CPU core parking manager to enable all cores at the same time, giving rf2 priority, the works..... and it's still persistent....

please help, im desperate to fix this because all i want to do is race, and i just cannot do that at all anymore.

please note that im not a full on computer wizard so if you're missing specs or info, please let me know

My specs:

CPU: AMD FX8320 Eight core processor (4 physical cores, 8 virtual total)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA 990X Gaming SLI-CF
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Memory: 16.0 GB

Im running 2 monitors, #1 is for the game on borderless windowed, #2 is as a side screen, normally use it for AutoCAD but during racing i got live timing on it

Monitor #1: 1920*1200, 60Hz, 8-bit RGB
Monitor #2: 1920*1080, 60Hz,, 8-bit RGB

rFactor 2 Settings:

Video; Monitor #1
Resolution: 1920*1200
Anti Aliasing: None
Post effects: None
Mode: Borderless
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Aggressive Threading: unticked
FXAA Untiched

Am not running VR

Ingame Settings (potato mode)

Circuit Detail: Low
Player Detail: Low
Opponent Detail: Low
Texture Detail: Low
Texture Filter: Bilinear
Special Effects: Off
Shadows: Off
Shadow Blur: Off
Soft Particles: Off
Rain drops: off
Road Reflection: off
Enviroment Reflection: Offf
Low speed information screen position: 0.50 (what is this even for?)
stabilize horizon: off

Visible vehicles: 15
Mirrors: on
Steering wheel: no arms
Auto Detail FPS: off

I just dont know what to do anymore, im out of ideas and desparate for a solution... i just dont know what to do anymore

please help

Risto Kappet

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GPVWC Forums - Login
Check this out. If you cannot access the forum, let me know

To summarize:
-You have to be running your ingame frame limiter 5-15% below what your game can render in a race without the limiter in order to relieve your bottleneck. This means that ingame CRTL+C no bar must be full, and should have room to spare. In your case CPU is the bottleneck which will cause out of realtime.
-Make sure no background processes are hogging your CPU and memory bandwith. This means you must have full overview and control over every single task and service on your OS and disable everything. From windows update to 3rd party programs. This is good form anyway.
-Do you have SSD? If not, get SSD to atleast run your OS and rF2 from.

Your specs are pretty outdated though. On lowest settings I would estimate you should reach stable 60fps in any condition but not more.
For maybe 300€ you could update to for example my specs and get double that.
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Alexander vd Woude

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Your specs are pretty outdated though.
yeah i feared as much, it's a bit of 2nd had stuff my dad had laying around, was an improvement on paper when i got it, proves to be more of a sidestep really.

thanks for the help and suggestions Risto, ill give it a go tonight and report back

Risto Kappet

VEC Season Pass
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Well your GPU is not outdated as such but its just cheap and weak. 1050ti or RX 560 should be the minimum for decent textures and FPS for rF2 but thats not the part causing you problems.

Your CPU is more than last gen, 6 years is a lot. It has decent multi core/thread performance for its day but remember that rF2 performance is all about single core speed. So enabling all cores or whatever makes no difference. And especially for the DX11 era, rF2 seems to be sensitive to all kinds of old CPU/mobo technologies.
For example a 50€ 2017 Pentium G4560 has 46% faster single core speed. For another 50€ you could get a cheap modern motherboard and be good to go. Although a cheap Pentium might struggle in your autocad usage.
For 150€ you could get a Ryzen 5 2600 which would give you not only single, but also over double the multi core speed to keep you futureproof with your non-racing activities for a very long time. All while consuming 2x less power than you do now.

Also if you have the cheapest and slowest DDR3 ram, then jumping over to the new technologies and DDR4 with possibly twice the speed would be a noticable jump in stability of your system.

And protip, for your next gen motherboard, dont waste money on "gaming" in the name. Just get the cheapest for your needs from a reputable brand.

Logical Increments, the PC Builder's Friend is my bible for the matter, it also has some guiding articles.

And SSD?

Quayde Claassens

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Just saying... I have a FX8300 which is obviously less than the 8320 coupled with a GTX 1060 3GB, i can run the game in ultra no problems... tho i have it on different settings so i'm getting between 140-200fps in game.... maybe it could be just a simple fix of just doing a clean windows install.

Also check the temps, if your CPU is getting too hot it will throttle itself
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