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Anti cheat tool

Jimmi Allison

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During the next few months, i am going to test an anticheat tool - this tool is available for leagues (for a certain price depending on the league size) at www.simracingtools.com
This is quite new, but very much tested from the creators.

Did VEC catch any cheaters - yes in the past, last time was in S7 - so not so long ago. This is a massive manual workload, which now can be run real time - so we will know if there is any problem with anyone, which we need to investigate.

This will happen, but before it does - i will test it on my end and see if I find any issues with the game etc.
This test is already being done - and will be mandetory for users to use at Daytona (24 hour) the latest. I will update you on the progress.

So you might as well go register on and join VEC there (VLMS will also use this).
Please use your name - which you have been using here at VEC - that way i can approve you.

Click on the image.

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