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AMS 2017 Events Schedule

Discussion in 'AMS Discussion' started by Oscar Hardwick, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick Senior Member AMS Director VEC Division 2 VEC Season Pass

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    Hello there. Isn't this exciting. The V8 supercar series has been a success thus far, good events and even better driving from everyone involved. The first special event is subscribed to pretty much in full and (fingers crossed) will go off without a major hitch.

    Given that positivity is in the air for the time being I thought it a good time to post up some plans about what we'll be doing here at SRC with Automobilista next year. PLEASE be aware that all of this is preliminary and subject to change based on circumstance or other options becoming available.

    Lets get started.

    (Pretty picture)


    - For the time being championships will continue to consist of just 6 rounds and take place over 13 weeks. The extra week is for a test event for each championship to test any format changes or new rules. Should demand require it this could change but for now it'll remain as 6 rounds.


    -- The SimRacing.club Formula Truck Cup --

    (picture one day maybe)

    - Format to be decided but expect multiple races and grid reversals in 2nd or 3rd races
    - Possibility to use FULL F-Truck real world rules including a maximum speed trap
    - A range of balanced Trucks with differing performance values
    - Rolling Starts to be implemented
    - Custom Liveries
    - A calendar that will NOT use any DLC track content for AMS

    The F-Truck will provide a unique challenge to anyone that takes a spot in the series. With torque figures only seen before in rockets and 5000kg to lug around it'll be a fascinating time trying to race these behemoths.

    Expect more information and a finalised calendar in the new year.

    2017 SEASON TWO?

    - This one really is up for discussion. Ideas are in place but I'm open to other suggestions. Please post any ideas in the feedback and suggestions thread that you can find nearby.


    -- SRC Touring Car Cup --


    This season will rely in part on one of the later DLCs that Reiza are planning. I've a hunch on what it might be and if I end up being right about it we'll see this become an STC2000 league. FWD touring cars with screaming 12,000 RPM V8s.

    However should that not end up a possibility this will likely end up as a second season of the currently running V8 supercars. With any luck this would include some Australian street circuits. Conversions are being looked in to in the background already.


    -- May - 2017 Grand Prix of Somewhere --

    - Full length GP with NEW 2017 spec F1 cars

    -- June - Jacarepagua 300 --

    - CART Mod
    - Jacarepagua "oval" OR Fontana
    - 300 miles
    - Potential for live SC

    -- July - July Targa Cup --

    - 1 x 300km single driver event
    - Winners over the event will take home a trophy
    - More details soon

    -- August - -

    -- September - -

    -- November - -

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  2. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick Senior Member AMS Director VEC Division 2 VEC Season Pass

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    UPDATE : 28/04

    After FFord festival didn't go ahead in January we took a break running special events. We've now the capacity to broadcast and maybe even provide small prizes for these one offs and so are looking once again in to running them.

    Suggestions would still be more than welcome for one off events and what cars to run for the next full league season we run after the FTruck Cup. Suggestions thread is and will remain open for all to post in :)
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