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We are an online racing league, and has years of experience using S397´s rFactor 2. We have several series - VEC which is the official rFactor 2 endurance championship. 6-24 hour races - its all about endurance.
VEC´s feeder series Virtual Le Mans Series and several special events - Plenty of racing. Register today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll just need to introduce yourself and then you can start off in our Academy series


Morten Faarup

VEC Season Pass
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I want to make a shout out for the administration.

Eventhough our team did not meet our main goal of the season by completing all races of the season (missed gearchange after 18hrs resulting in a blown engine), we want to commend the entire administration for their big effort keeping this league the best endurance league there is out there.
Our team has enjoyed the races here all season, and the proffesionalism of which everything is conducted from marshalls thru race directors all the way to the top administration is second to none in our oppinion.
Thx a lot guys for your great work.
We hope you will keep it up! And we look forward to being part of even better events in the future.

Mario Peixoto

VEC Season Pass
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I have been very non-active in this forum, however I took part in almost all races. So yes, this is a huge thank you to all the Staff who made this possible!! Especially the mammoth 24 Hours, if it is tiring for who is driving (in my team, we were 4 drivers) I can only imagine how tiring it is for the Staff, some of them who actually also race!

Not everything was perfect during the season, naturally. But the good outdoes the bad by a long, long, shot. So again, huge thanks to everyone who made this possible!! I very much look forward for the next season.

And thank you for providing me with my first ever 24 Hours of Le Mans with actual driver swap. I did one many years ago in GTR 2, but there was no driver swap, just different servers and lap counting at the end. This one was the real deal and we managed to finish. :cool:

PTSims.net Racing GTE #396 (Div. 4)

Marc Carol

VEC Season Pass
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The all MCMOTORSPORT team would like to thank all the administrators who make this magnificent championship possible. Not everything goes as we all want, but we are aware of how difficult it is to organize a championship like this with so many drivers and cars and that in the end everything goes well.
Thank you very much especially to @Jimmi Allison for your great hidden work and @Jean-Paul van Aerle for your work as a career director in division 4.
See you in the next season! ;)

MCMotorsport LMP2 #303 - #304 (Div.4)


James Andrew

VEC Season Pass
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No question about it - Jimmi and the staff are to be congratulated on many things, not least the amount of time they have put in behind the scenes. We honestly don't know half of it. Thank you, all of you.

The season brought a few major and urgent issues that were not of your own making yet you found a solid way to deal with things. And VEC isn't the only stuff you're up to. Nothing in life is perfect but when people are honestly trying their best and in it for the right reasons, that should be celebrated.

I'm sure Div4 has been a real pain in the A.... (Sorry i can't express myself in an adult way, so sometimes I use swearing - but luckily the forum corrects me) for you this year but without @Jean-Paul van Aerle and other unknown helpers, we wouldn't have been able to have any fun in the first place. Have a drink on me!

Shawn Campbell

VEC Season Pass
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Thanks Jimmi! You have a difficult job in running the league but I agree totally that you did a fantastic job and we wouldn't be SRC without what you've done - no question about it. Thanks for your efforts - I love racing here and I think your contributions have a lot to do with that :)

Marius Nicolae

VEC Season Pass
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My turn !
First of all i like to give a big THANKS to my mother for giving me life ( at least i hope she had a good sex too, not just to make me :D ) , without her i will not be here to know so many good guys ( some are not so good :p ...me included :D ) , i saw few of them live on a live WEC race and i hope at some point to meet more of you and not last i like to thanks to all the GOD's for making me a not believer :D in them and another thanks goes to ME , just like that :) .

Now i like to give a BIG THANKS to all the guys what are involved in SRC and a special THNAKS goes to Jimmi who make this league so special .

Love you all and see you on the track ( i hope in real life as well ) !

Tonga Guardia

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Many many thanks to Jimmi and all the staff guys who made VEC and SRC the best place on earth to racing an endurance series...
Hard, dedicated and serious work its done since several years from the RFactor1 days, the league has been growing up very fast this last 2 season...
even in the div3 or div4 the racing level is very high for the simracing standars all around the world....

thanks you once again to all who made SRC!!!! :thumbsup: (y)