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24 hours of Spa - overview

Jimmi Allison

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Ok, so both Room 1 and Room 2 had crashes - and to be able to have some sort of reference, please note that the races will be called
Room 1 - Race 1
Room 1 - Race 2
Room 2 - Race 1
Room 2 - Race 2
Where these races are the one which was 6h+ long - the other races will not be used.

First off, we are aware there is a few issues with the results - first off there is no xml file from rFactor which gives the normal results. Only the last part of Room 1 is available.
I edited the cars who rejoined and lost laps in Room 1 in "Race 2" however i didnt see this before, so have not been edited in Room 2 at all - nor has it been in Room 1 "Race 1". If you have lost any laps during the race, please provide me the info i need. However we need more than a simple "i lost x laps" i need to know which lap you disconnected from and rejoined on - and then please provide me with replay - TEAM MANAGERS ONLY PLEASE.
"Contact administration" is the way to contact me regarding this - please do so ASAP.

Replay and reviews
I´ve taken a quick discussion with the stewards and since we dont have any replays of other than the final race of Room 1 - there will be NO IRR´s reviewed at all. This means that there also will be applied 0 safety ratings to everyone.
Room 1 - race 2 will however be reviewed by me, just to make sure everyone was fair - but no penalties will be applied - but i might be in contact with managers if i see any serious issues.

Is this the perfect way - No, the perfect way was lost when the server crashed. Do you have the best way and feel the need to correct me, sure "contact administration" but that dosent change the way I´ve decided to do this.

The last 24 hours have been rather busy, but had a breather last night to sit down and relax. So there isent any work done that you are able to see. But trust me - i´ll make sure to get things done this week - however please have some patience - and if you disagree with any of the decissions - you need to look at it from another perspective please - dont see it from a driver point of view only.

So what will happen now
First off - trouble shooting with ISI has already begun around 1 hour after the race, they have been very supportive -so no doubt there will be fixes coming soon.

We are working on getting Sebring released, so you can start doing laps - we will keep 1046 as a base for the pre-race stuff. No decissions has been made on the actual race yet.

Results will be posted within the week

Jimmi Allison

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OK - a bit of explanation - please read this through.

Room 1 - 2 races where both races was above the required 6 hours (1/4 of the race) - this will result in points which is 1/4 of the 24 hour points - meaning 12,5 - 10 - 9 etc etc on both races. With a bonus of 5 points per event - so R2 wasent too badly effected. Yes that was me stepping in and taking a decissions which wasent explained in the rules. This has been done because theres a big difference between one single team vs a full group in R2.

So Room 2 - and heres the bad new - only one race reached the 6hour+ mark which means only the last long race will count.
However several things has been set in motion to prevent this in the future:

1. Stewards are discussion how to prevent this in case this happens again (but this might not be anything to mention because):
2. Marcel has finalized a tool which actually can be used as a batch file which restores:
Team laps and time progress - so its a matter of running this tool incase something bad happens. This is a major new thing. But also several bug fixes has been made into rF2 which actually should stop this from happening. So even though this is not the best end to what should have been an epic race (still was if you ask me) at Spa it still came out allright.

Now personally, its been a very busy week for me - starting at saturday and until now. Do i rest - now, check out the 2 new announcements coming in a few minutes.

Standings are now updated.